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New Moderators - The List Revealed

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Someboy, May 19, 2020.

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  1. With no new posts for four days, could we assume those who care have touched base with the thread?
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  2. Not this shaming me to the ballot box.

    @superultra and @BEST FICTION please.
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  3. I've been here for a few years but my knowledge of the forum dynamics is still limited, so I just had my pick at people's selections here. From all the threads I visit, I think these are competent choices, well-rounded enough to keep protecting this incredible bubble of pop dialogue. I worry about a pop world without Popjustice, teebs.

    (I'm also in strong support of non-white cis gay choices, but I really only know people by their username, so sorry in case these aren't very diverse!)

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  5. tea


    I'm new here so I don't know everyone very well, but I nominate @superultra.
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  6. Anybody who'd put Britney back in the Pop & Justice section
    Ok I'm out.
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  7. RJF


    It's June 1st where can I find the moderator tools in my account?????

  8. The thought of a different timeline where @RJF was nominaed and entering that Zoom meeting is sending me.

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  9. We know she’d serve up a look and a disguise
  10. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Who said... RJF wasn't invited? Maybe I'm dying to get some face to face interaction after all these years.
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  11. I would have nominated but only just seen this thread!
  12. @RJF logging into the Moderati Zoom Eleganza Extravaganza

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  13. I want screenshots and leaked audio of this Zoom call.
  14. I'm screaming! This rupauls drag race season 12 finale extravaganza!
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  15. Can I still apply for the job
  16. Why is this unintentionally giving me
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