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New Music Friday finds (Collaborative playlist)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Two Norwegian gems:

    Metteson performs "Under Your Shirt" on the Norwegian talkshow Lindmo tomorrow!

    If you are into non-English pop I would suggest listening to kaspara's EP Ferske bringebær (Fresh Raspberries). The song "Som meg" (a translation would be "Like me", deriving from the lines "deep down I know there's no one like me", a rough translation by me) is a bop, I have played it every day since the single release a couple of months ago.
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  2. OMG Anabel Englund x Blondie. Yes please.
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  3. Banger alert.
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  4. Andreas Wijk is Swedish and been around for a couple years now. let go is a catchy jam and he looks *hot* on the cover art.

  5. Sing it back by Rebecca & Fiona is a fucking jam! Ready for the club.

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  6. New project for Frankie Rose. For fans of Cocteau Twins/Hatchie.
  7. Ofc it bangs
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  8. Is anyone else just getting "Bad Request" on the forum for Spotify links?
  9. Is it still a problem for you? Working for me.
  10. On mobile, it’s fine. On Chrome via desktop, not yet. Very strange !
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