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New Music Friday finds (Playlist in 1st Post)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Babe no! Stay. In my experience people rarely like to be told what to listen to, the amount of times in the past I've told people 'this is hot' and they never reply and then 3 months later they post it on Facebook as their find... I haven't bothered doing that for years now. People are much more receptive in the form of playlists / discovering stuff leaving Spotify on shuffle etc
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  2. This thread...

    Goodbye me trying to get any work done today
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  3. I think a playlist and a thread where you can just dump links is a much better idea!

    I don't think anyone can be bothered to click into a thread when they don't even know who the artist is etc. At least with a Spotify link straight away you have something visual to go 'oooh, what's that'. It's just how it is.
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  4. A reminder you can add your suggestions too, as it's a collaborative playlist:

    I had this on shuffle at the gym and whew gainz.
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  5. Added these little ditties

  6. Added this to one of my playlists when I was about half.way through. What a song.

    Who is this girl?
  7. This is stupid.

    The Potential part of the forum is incredible and the entire reason why we should all be on here. Dua was in there once.
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  9. LOVA
    Jack River
    Nova Miller

    A list of obsessions
  10. Only 5 threads on the first page have more than 10 replies. I propose that anyone with an active thread that has more than one page (very rare) should be moved to P&J and the rest deleted/archived.
  11. That's ageist
    (heard it on Svoboda radio. Few weeks ago they played Miss Kittins' uncensored Frank Sinatra. Thanks, Pussy Riot )
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  12. And with that I bid you all goodnight! It's been emotional. x
  13. Oh Joe don't take it so personal, it's not aimed at you babe x
  14. I mean it is though. He takes time out of his day for that forum, spreading new music to people he thinks will like it. You're calling for that to just be shut down because... you think so and you don't use it? That just makes people like me, that really enjoys the music I'm tagged in there, lose out and you gain... nothing?
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  15. Hm.
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  16. I didn't realise it was the same person posting over and over in the forum which, if anything, solidifies my point, but with that being said, I did feel a bit bad after realising this because it wasn't meant as a personal attack against Joe.

    It's not as if I said just delete the subforum and be done with it. This way of sharing new music in one thread seems to resonate with members more so you'd still be able to get tagged in new findings. It's nice having a subforum with a million empty threads where you can get tagged in but


    I still stand by my point that @backstreetjoe would feel more productive sharing his finds in a thread similar to this where people are actually interacting and listening to the songs, not just letting endless new threads collect dust. However I am sorry if I've made you feel bad.

    Do you know what, if it keeps the peace and keeps people off my dick, just keep the damn forum open

  17. It is stupid. We can't start wiping things that don't have a lot of comments, hell the only reason a majority of the threads in the main forum have a lot of comments is because there's the music to talk about, the popstar to form an opinion about, etc. These are new artists, new songs, and I've discovered so many new things just by being tagged or scrolling through when I have the time. I don't always comment because sometimes I want them to stay on the low in case I choose them for PJSC (ddddd).

    Anyway, I'm a champion for anything on the forum that gets more music out there for me to enjoy, or for me to pass on to others. So well done Vas.
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  18. I mean this is my point... you clearly don't even use it... so why you so mad?

    It's not just backstreetjoe (though it mainly is because he's the best at it), you're saying all this... in a three page thread made in the main forum by Vasilios, who everyone loves. Drop your high horse, passive aggressive comments and just enjoy new music, for god sake.
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  19. This thread had flopped to page 200 with 0 replies before I resurrected it so... what you on about? If you love that dusty subforum so much, go post in it sis.
  20. He has a point @Lost Boy, this thread was on page 30 with not a single reply for a month(!) after my first / only post. And I have made many flop threads here AND on the Potential new things.

    It was resurrected last Friday and I guess timing was right and it took off?

    If a niche thread like What Is That Song? with a reply / per month not only can remain on the main forum but be pinned on top, then this more than deserves to be here too, no? People obviously enjoy it and are engaging (21 Followers!!1).
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