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New Music Friday finds (playlist link on first page)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. I've been neglecting this thread a little so here's some songs I've been loving recently:

    Apocalyptic indie-rock banger with an earthquake of a chorus:

    Synthpop excellence from a PJSC fave, fans of MUNA and Robyn should like this one a lot:

    Big big thanks to @backstreetjoe for bringing my attention to this song. VERY Black Cherry-era Goldfrapp with a dash of Ladytron:

    Fun little tropibop with an earworm chorus:

    Not my usual thing at all, but I've been really into this lately? It's kind of...moody lo-fi reggae:
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  2. Emotional bop
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  3. Slinky electronic pop, with slight Röyksopp vibes:

    Nocturnal synthpop, makes a nice companion piece to Insomnia by Daya:

    Billie Eilish-ish darkpop with some really good bass:

    Basic but delicious pop-house bop:

    And to finish, a dusky slow-burning ballad from the UK's Eurovision entrant who got her mic stolen:
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  4. Preying on your love is so good. Damn it. Thanks a lot.
  5. This has been out for a minute but I feel the need to share. Chantal Kreviazuk is my second fav artist. New project here called Moon Vs Sun with her husband. All the feels...


  6. I’m here to tell you that if you’re not listening to Sasha Sloan, you’re missing out on a plethora of perfectly crafted and relatable heartbreaking epics. ‘Thoughts’ is a songwriting masterclass with piercing lyricism about self doubt with an addictive cooed refrain and a deep, brooding chorus. There’s a reason why she’s being noticed by other pop gurls (most notably working on P!nk’s most retrospective and best song in years). Don’t go into her discography expecting bops, they’re more introspective toetappers that will explore your psyche in ways an artist hasn’t for years.
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  9. Miss Grey's Anatomy's back. Let's not talk about the Stranger Things logo/name.

  10. SockMonkey

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  11. SockMonkey

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    (Craig does his best Olly Murs)

    (Would have done well at Eurovision)

    (So would this)

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    (This is pretty non-PJ but it's a really great song - his previous one Death of Me was also very good.)

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