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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by type:epyt, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Ok ... So I had a search and the last New Order thread was for the re-issues and that was eons ago so decided here might be best ...

    New release of extra stuff from WFTSC era to get a release, called Lost Sirens ...

    Bit of a nonsense on vinyl + cd pack but I still had to buy it to get the cd ...

    I've got over the whole re-issues debacle and enjoyed listening to NO again recently ... and would love a best/rest & Republic re-master ...
  2. Republic is one of the best albums of the 90's and Regret is one of the best singles of that decade. Love love love New Order.
  3. Their position on my all-time list over in the Ultimate Compilation threads says everything. One of the absolute greats (despite the last couple of albums being short of genuine classics in the league of Thieves Like Us, Bizarre Love Triangle and True Faith).
  4. I was writing down my favourites, but it was basically a massive list of pretty much all their 80s singles and the 90s ones that were all equally dazzling and wide-eyed. The quality did dip, but Crystal was at least a 9/10 if not full marks again. Who sang backing vocals on it? It made me think Lisa Stansfield should ask them to write her a tune or too!

    It was hearing Bizarre Love Triangle on the film Married To The Mob that made me track it down and become addicted to them. I think it's just the instrumental you hear in the film, but I loved the sound Stuart Price had in the late 90s, particularly his Beck remix for Mixed Bizness, so hearing Bizarre Love Triangle's speedy instrumental was the very definition of a "hey you, what's that sound?" moment. And it's a fun film too.

    Edit: Dawn Zee did the backing vocals.
  5. I had no idea about Hellbent existing, and getting a single release. This is how out of touch I am now.
  6. The new outtakes cover looks very Pet Shop Boys!
  7. Well Farrow did learn his craft under Saville ...

    (and on a side note ... How good is the NO Saville soundtrack? ... The most listenable piece of ambient, ever ...)
  8. I decided to get the Total CD in a 2 for £10 deal; a bit impulsive, maybe, when I've got just about everything in the NO canon, but apparently the sound is quite nice (compared to Singles) and Hellbent's on there. I'll still play it more than a lot of my CDs bought in the past 5 years, anyway!
  9. Are they the ones who had a music video of two cartoonish type people making love?
  10. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    Whatever happened to Lost Sirens? It is supposed to be released in December. Guess not?
    I'm waiting for that damn tracks since 2006.
  11. Apparently Peter Hook blocked the release, but the plan is now to release it next spring.
  12. Some of their tunes were good and I can see why they're heralded as iinovative and legendary etc., but I hated Bernard Sumner's vocals. Blue Monday is a tune, and I quite liked Crystals too, but Regret had one of the worst choruses ever, lyrically.

    I would like a place I would call my own
    Have a conversation on the telephone

  13. pdf


    Jetstream featuring Ana Matronic is a winner.
  14. I always thought that line was meant to be funny.
  15. In case someone is interested the Lost Sirens album should be out 19th march. Really looking forward to it as I quite enjoyed Hellbent.
  16. YES! Just secured tickets for both nights of New Order at the Brixton in London in early may :) Haven't seen these guys live in 25 years, so you can imagine my excitement!
  17. I know people aren't generally bug fans of the newer stuff but I still LOVE LOVE LOVE 'Guilt is a Useless Emotion'.

    Wasn't it nominated for a Grammy too?
  18. Ray


    Count me in the Guilt-loving team! (Guilty pleasure, hehe.) And I can beat you in #unpopularpopopinion game: I love Blue Monday 95.

    Speaking of newer stuff, how amazing is Hellbent, the one new track on Total? It's crazy good, perhaps better than anything since Crystal.
  19. Setting aside some awful lyrics, Dracula's Castle is such a favourite of mine ... Probably as it sounds like a leftover from the Karl Bartos Electronic stuff ...
  20. Ray


    How many New Order/Bad Lieutenant/Electronic songs begin, by now, with the words "hey now"?
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