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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by type:epyt, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Just get back from watching New Orders 2 nights at the Brixton Academy in London and they were friggin' awesome! First time in 25 years I've experienced them live and I had a blast. As usual with New Order it all seems a bit chaotic, but they really tore the place down. I liked the way they had divide the set as they rocked in the first half of the show, went for the dancing shoes in the second half and ended with a couple of JD songs as encore. The new version of True Faith is absolutely wild, just off the charts. And the crowd went balistic. Another highlight was 586, I've only really disocvered this track after they reformed last year. Bernard Sumner was in great form and shared a lot of banter with the crowd. Oh, and they swapped Round & Round + Krafty from the 1st nights setlist to Here To Stay and Waiting For the Sirens Call on the 2nd night, excellent! And I didn't miss Peter Hook for one second!
  2. For some odd reason, I've been listening to "Vanishing Point" by New Order on repeat a lot lately.
  3. I was playing Give Me Tonight by Shannon the other day, and I suddenly realised New Order copied it almost wholesale for Sub Culture!!!!! All those little bleeps, skittery rhythms, the chord changes,...the only thing different, of course, are the lyrics and Barney's vocals. I suppose they heard a lot of that Shannon-type Hi-NRG in America back in 1983/84.
  4. The final three songs on Technique are probably my three favourite NO songs - perfect combination of Mr Disco, Vanishing Point & Dream Attack. These songs GLEAM.
  5. There's some NO action on SkyArts1 this week....a concert and documentary.
  6. I remember there were so many rumours around in 83/84 that Barney was gay because he was so often seen frequenting different gay clubs but of course we all know he just loved Hi- Energy music and a bit of Shannon!

    Ive been listening to 'Vanishing Point' tonight probably my favorite TV theme ever.............
  7. I know how that feels, haha. It's just great music, straight or whatever. But us heterosexuals who are partial to the Hi-NRG beats do get misunderstood!
  8. Lost Sirens snuck under my radar (after an eon) ...

    It's the worst of Get The Massage and WFTSC ... but Shake It Up is worth the £8 alone ... and give Sugarcane a few listens to grow on you ...
  9. I actually like Sugarcane. The rest of the "Lost Sirens" EP is quite underwhelming at best.
  10. If HMV were properly alive, I'd have bought this CD by now. I can wait..but I'll be happy with a bunch of New Order B-sides, quality-wise.
  11. There are any? Haha.
  12. It is a pretty awful album, but I might give it a go later just to check ...
  13. I'm so ridiculously pleased that this happened.

    That picture of them signing with Mute though. Just how much weight has Daniel Miller lost!?
  14. You're right. I watched that Synth Britannia documentary the other night and he now looks a completely different person, the documentary wasn't that long ago I don't think.
  15. Frighteningly, that documentary is five years old now! However, I met him a couple of years ago and he has changed dramatically since then.

    Still, fantastic news that they're on Mute. They fit perfectly. They seem to be the go to label for a certain section of older groups these days which makes me wonder who's next?
  16. New Order on Mute isn't right. NO on Factory, DM on Mute, PSB on Parlophone.....this is the world as I knew it!
  17. Sounds hopeful?
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