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Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Popjustice, May 24, 2017.

  1. Yeah I like the new notifications but logging in for the first time today was kind of hellish.
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  2. Truly a double edged sword for those of us who get lots of likes, am I right?
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  3. Yeah the new notifications are ugly
  4. Maybe it would be considerably less awful on a laptop/desktop but, having first experienced it whilst wanting to make a quick check-in on mobile on my break at work... the notification system is awful. I don't hate the idea, necessarily, but it was alarmingly jarring and completely obtrusive.

    I don't know, maybe if they all appeared at once instead of consecutively and in such a prolonged fashion it wouldn't feel as bad?
  5. Popjustice

    Popjustice Administrator

    The new notifications are IN THE BIN.
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  6. Popjustice

    Popjustice Administrator

    Who wants to know something boring. Okay the boring thing is that the popup notifications are part of the forum software (so should show up regardless of theme) but something about the new theme is stopping them showing up. So I installed an addon (which made them work across both themes, I do not know why/how) which also changed what was shown in how many bubbles. So... Well, here we are.
  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

  8. So here's the thing, it's not that I dislike the new theme, I actually think it's quite serviceable, but the previous one had a distinctive look to it that felt like an extension from the main site, and this new visual just screams "This is a forum on the internet!", but there's already been improvement and so I think there's a way to make it work. I'll stick to the new version for now to see if it's just aversion to change fucking me up, and also to follow it as it's tweaked with. Lastly, I also quite miss the notification lightning bolt, having to open the Alerts every time I wanna see them isn't really cutting it, but I believe it's been said Peter's working on it? *crosses fingers*

    EDIT: Wait, I just posted it and all the buttons suddenly turned YELLOW, is that supposed to happen? And if it is, can it not be?

    EDIT 2: I'm using it on mobile for the first time now and the Alerts tab when you click on the notifications is pretty great, just add a version of that on desktop and we're set.
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  9. Given my total aversion to anything new and difficulty in coping with change, I am handling this SURPRISINGLY WELL.
  10. I've gone back to the old / ~classic~ theme for now. I like a lot of the new one, but it feels a bit duller - maybe its the grey header? Also, the hover over notifications is much easier to use on this theme, they're just there. They are 2/3 clicks away on the new one.
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  11. I like the fonts of the new theme, but preferred the alert/notification system on the old one. But I'm sticking with PJ17 for now!
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  12. I personally like the blue dot, but they should be as big as the grey ones on the current default theme.

    In general, I like the PJ17 theme but like others have said, it'd be nice to have something like the yellow lightning bolt. It's a great flag for new activity, keeps it all neatly organised and is easy to click through as you action each item.

    EDIT: I just saw the "Post Reply", "Upload a File" and "More Options" buttons turn yellow when I clicked "Post Reply". Even though it's only for a split second, it's a little jarring to see.

    Also, is it weird for anyone else that the "Online Now" dot that's on members' avatars is yellow instead of green? Yellow to me implies someone is idle.
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  13. OK well this doesn't look too bad, though it appears to not be anchored to the header when I'm writing a PM. I'm using Chrome on desktop.


    It's fine on other pages though.

  14. @Popjustice

    Love the theme!! Really slick. I do miss the 'forum menu bar' at the bottom of the page (above the adverts). I use them a lot to go back to the (sub-)forum and with the new one I have to scroll all the way up to get that menu bar. Is that easily done? It isnot really a problem, just me being lazy and being completely accustomed to that luxury.
  15. Just a few more very minor suggestions, @Popjustice
    • Can the formatting for links and tagged users be changed from black and underlined to pink and no underline? The underlining makes posts with links and tags somewhat hard to read, and it'll be a lot cleaner without it (especially since some members' signatures also contain links).
    • Agree with @ThisIsRogue; can the "Online Now" dot colour be changed to green?
    • As mentioned, if there's a way to see all alerts without having to click through (like with the lighting bolt in the previous theme), that would be great.
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  16. I still do not understand nor like the blue and can we get a little less white? It's a lot of white.
  17. I kind of miss some of the yellow elements we had a few years ago.
  18. I'm not really a fan of the new theme.

    One particular issue is that the darker text of the threads with unread content is nothing like as clear as the bolded text currently used.
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  19. I low key hate pink so I like the white of the new theme but that seems like a bit of unpopular opinion.
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  20. I'm getting a lot of little white squares with the new theme instead of the buttons. I have to hover over them to work out what they are.
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