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New to K-Pop?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by xoxo, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Spotify is quite poor for this, unfortunately, and sometimes the things uploaded there are illegally done so by third parties. But iTunes is quite good indeed, lots of stuff available.
  2. I notice some more Kpop appearing on Spotify. U-Kiss,Wondergirls, Big Bang. May not be new but ther is some there is you look for it.
  3. This thread is a gift from the heavens.
  4. Oh I like what you've done with the opening post xoxo! Though """""""The Boys"""""" is so out of place in the need to listen section!! hahaha

    Can we get some BIG BANG in there? Say... Lies/Haru Haru/Tonight/Bad Boy?

    And welcome to K-pop EARGASM!!!
  5. 3Xs


    The "need to listen" section is a bit dire at the moment. Could use some serious updating, with more acts and better songs.
  6. Everyone in this section is so welcoming! I'm moving in.
  7. Have fun Eargasm! Hope you discover something you like!
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    WELCOME! Yay, ask as many questions as you like or want about any act. I love new K Pop fans.
  9. I have been struggling with what songs to add to the list... My last update, which was quite recent, I decided to add the more popular songs by the bigger acts. I agree there are much better songs out there but I think it's better to keep the list concise so it's not overwhelming for people new to K-Pop. I was going to add lists by year but I have been too busy/lazy to compile lists for 2009 and 2010 which had many great songs.

    big bang, actually I agree with you on The Boys, haha. Not the biggest fan of the song but I added it since it's their US debut then I was slightly won over by their Letterman performance.
  10. This urgently needs updating!!! haha
  11. Agreed, so many amazing songs need to be added!
  12. Great thread, but it still is a little daunting. Could anyone possibly reccomend an ultimate top 5 to get started?
  13. It depends what you're looking for. Girl Group Singles? Boy band albums? Soloists?
  14. You can't go wrong by starting with these signature K-Pop classics:
    - 2NE1 - I Am the Best
    - Hyuna - Bubble Pop
    - Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
    - Girls Generation - Gee
    - Super Junior - Sorry Sorry
    - Big Bang - Fantastic Baby
  15. I've been a Kpop beginner for years now, slowly accumulating a very small list of tracks I enjoy. Couple of recent friends have shown me stuff I like though (beyond the essential list posted above):

    Brand new and from what I gather, this band is controversially sexy. I mean even some of the imagery would go down badly over here! Love it and has me BOPPING.:

    The ever-amazing 2NE1. This is kinda the only one after I am The Best that I love:

    And this, purely for the incredible video:
  16. A Top 5 for you -

    Girls Generation - Genie

    2NE1 - I Am The Best

    Shinee - Married To The Music

    Azin - Delete

    4Minute - Crazy
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  17. There is a Korean app you can download called BEAT and it has loads of charts and K-Pop music.

    I just searched for K-Pop and it came up as the first app on the list.

    It's quite good for introducing you to new stuff and old.

    There's also a really cool chart on YouTube that I watch each week;
  18. What's the best K-pop group of all time?
  19. That's a dangerous question.
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