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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by xoxo, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. As I said before in general thread , one certain group copy/pasted Oh! music video in 2016 and their video has more than 100 M views. So they're still iconic.
  2. All I'm getting from this is that their last iconic moment was back in 2010 kii

    I don't hate SNSD as much as my posts make out even though they've been nothing but disappointment for me since like 2011.
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  3. You're not alone in this , I've seen other users here that said this. I just found them last year , so that's why I'm a bit defensive about them.
  4. Yass, keep serving that hot tea about SNSD. Love it when overrated groups only have commercial success and none of dat quality recognition.
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  5. Listen to their Japanese albums.
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  6. Yes, I well aware of their first japanese album. Since then though...................
  7. If that's just your personal opinion and you don't like them , it's alright. But seriously, albums that contain Flower Power , Paparazzi , Karma Butterfly , Reflection , I'm A Diamond , Animal , Galaxy etc. can not be called for having low quality.
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  8. If I wanted to listen to basic electropop, I'd listen to The Saturdays.
  9. There's a difference between basic and shit
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  10. @Shockbox Tell 'em how you feel...
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  11. Nah, the first Japanese album was amazing. The rest...sound like nugu songs from 2010. Too heavy and harsh on the electronic elements.
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  12. Don't be sad Karma Butterfly , this world doesn't deserve your greatness.
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  13. Gurlll...

    Don't make me come to your home and cut your wigs up for this comment.

    Expect a Roux style meltdown if y'all try and come for GG's iconic Japanese albums.
  14. I've gotten you All Fired Up, and I feel alive!
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  15. I love The Saturdays but they don't even come close to GG.

    The Saturdays are more akin to Crayon Pop.
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  16. @Deja-Boo is TRIGGERED
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  17. [​IMG]
    The Saturdays aren't even akin to TAHITI let's be real.
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  18. How's that SNSD album rate going for you? have the fans given up trying to find something salvageable from all the rubble?
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  19. Crayon Pop don't even have enough hits to do a master rate.

    *insert sassy gif here*
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  20. Listen to Gucci
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