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Newish girl group School Gyrls

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by _hazzie_, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    I just discovered them yesterday. They are on Nick Canons label and their album was released yesterday in the US, they also starred in a film which was directed by Nick. I think they have a similar sound to Danity Kane in some respects.

    Their first single Get Like Me was written by and features Mariah Carey.

    I believe this song Something Like A Party was also a single too.
  2. They're terrible, like a younger Girlicious.

    The fact Mariah has associated herself with an act like this is shocking.
  3. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Oh. It's Heidi, Amelle and Mutya.
  4. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    Poor Mariah.

    And School Gyrls is the worst name I've heard in a while
  5. But "Something Like A Party" and "Extra Extra" are amazing nonetheless.
  6. Wow the blonde one looks at least double the other members age.
  7. Something like a party does sound quite good actually. Their name is horrendous though but I think something that we have to remember is that they aren't aimed at us and therefore we are going to think it's naff.
  8. I agree that their image and name is awful and Girlicious are probably a better comparison. They are being aimed at the Justin Bieber crowd which I think is a shame. I thought they would be pretty bad just looking at them, but I thought songs like Something Like A Party and a few others on the album were pretty good.
  9. Like Abit Titmuss, I'd said.
  10. Are 8 track albums becoming the new 'thing'?
  11. Maybe to combat today's youths falling attention span... Or maybe they only had 8 good songs. Either way the version of the album on iTunes has 11 tracks.
  12. what fantastic artwork sarcasm
  13. Am I the only one who's bothered by that strange hand on the right? (on the cover) It looks weird.
  14. awful name, awful image...and i bet awful music.....FAIL!!!
  15. Agree.
  16. Here's the music video for what I think is their best song Something Like A Party It has lots of 'humorous' outtakes from their movie, kinda fun. Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy are randomly in it, apparently Justin is dating Jacque the brown haired girl.

    You know I'm not sure why I'm so bothered about them... I love that song and given the state of current girl groups I'm probably clutching at anything haha!
  17. What is the video about?! Is it just a montage of videos of them?
  18. So I felt the need to bump this threat again as I some how I feel the group hit it right this time.With all the member changes and stuff,the group finally looks like a real group.Though some girls were off and some were on in this performance.The song is amazing.The girls are going to be starring in a movie along side the Wonder Girls (K Pop) girl group.
  19. The original lineup, and album was actually good and showed promise. They ruined it with the unnecessary added members and second movie.

    With that being said, this doesn't sound half bad.
  20. How the hell are you gonna get rid of the two best girls you had in your group then come back with these hoes?

    Jacque was my favorite, and I really only like Something Like a Party...

    I'll stop now.
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