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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by askew, Jul 26, 2022.


Min Hee-jin

  1. selvedge

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  2. washed up

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  1. Oh, that's incredible!!
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  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Attention getting added to Today’s Top Hits……… I know Attention’s ass is shaking because Hype Boy has surpassed it on Spotify!!
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  3. Put a fork in me, i'm done!
  4. A whole TLC shoutout? Love this for them!
  5. this is driving me a little crazy idk they're so cool...
  6. Ok work!
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  7. I was locked out of my PJ for a while so would've posted here earlier but just wanted to say I haven't felt this excited for a new kpop girl group in over 10 years. From the aesthetics to the music to the performances, they're just such a breath of fresh air! I really hope they can sustain with future releases.
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  8. The way I screamed!
  9. Hype Boy might be my second favorite song of the entire year, I fear.
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  10. I'm still shifting around Attention and Hype Boy...
    Well, 3 of the first EP is in my 2 X 2 2 playlist currently, which is the playlist I make from the songs I liked & listened the most entire year.
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  11. Nobody asked me, but my top 3 kpop songs of the year are :

    1. Hype Boy
    2. Feel My Rhythm
    3. INVU
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  12. This!! but this way!
    1. Hype Boy
    2. INVU
    3. TIKI TAKA!! (underrarted bop!!)
    Ps. I'm in love with Haerin so much! She is gorgeous! She doesn't talk much, there something about her that I like a lot!
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  13. Dethroning IVE all these weeks later? Iconic behaviour I fear.

  14. Adore the original but love this. Somebody pointed out that this is how it would sound if Red Velvet had recorded it, I hear it!
  15. This shoot is everything!
  16. HYBE really going all out for NewJeans promo budget!
  17. Not NewJeans flying over Florianópolis.
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  18. Wild that this is happening already for them.
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  19. I mean NMIXX got a Coke Zero placement in their debut video and song so it’s not uncommon these days.
  20. Impressive they’ve not even stepped foot there as well

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