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Next Year's MF Presenter Announced!

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by schlagerboys, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. It's going to be someone called Kristian Luuk - apparently he's famous in Sweden for talk shows and has interviewed lots of famous people.

    What do the Swedish people on here think of the choice?
  2. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    Yeah, he's like the Swedish David Letterman. I think he's good. Quite funny. It'll be hard for him to top the brilliant Lena Ph though!
  3. Lena Ph was fab! Especially when she started the final off with a "Toodle-oo!" and the Globen collectively threw 1,000s of balloons in the air. It was so exciting!

    And he's hardly going to be able to do a fab interval act either - "Jag Angrar Ingenting" was possibly the best song of the final night... And the year before's schlager medley was just great - especially the pink stockings and clumpy big shoes!!!
  4. I don't think anyone could top Lena Ph presenting.

    Even Carola (my God, Queen and inspiration in life...) probably couldn't top Lena. I don't even speak Swedish and I laughed out loud on several occasions.

    Her song about all the finalists was genius, especially taking the piss out of Kikki eating sausages and Magnus Backland's trousers!
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