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NIA Seating

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by poploz, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Just checking over my tickets for Girls Aloud, and wondered which ones are closer to the middle


    They are Block F, Row J, Seats 4-5 and 17-18.

    If I remember correctly, each of the blocks have 1 at the right (looking from the back, or top of the diagram). Can anyone confirm/deny this please?

  2. im block F, ROW behind you!!
  3. whooooo I''m Block A row J I think!
  4. My 2 tickets are for Block F, Row J, Seats 15 & 16.
  5. Ooh, you shall be sat next to my brother.

    I''m actually in Row H.
  6. im guessing but if you are facing the stage, then row A is on the left...
    so i''m guessing 1 starts at the left hand side of each block and finishes at the right?
    I dunno i could be wrong?
  7. I have been to the NIA, but it was for Christina Aguilera, so the floor space was standing, not seating.

    The NEC had it the other way around with the rows, we were seats 3-8 of row E, and were on the right hand of the block.
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