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Niall Horan - Heartbreak Weather (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Meh but I can see radio stations DEVOURING this and I hope they do.
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  2. This does sound like the kind of ballad that would be a Christmas No. 1.
  3. I actually really like it, its much better than the Too Much to ask single. I don't know if it is because of his deep voice but it kind of reminds me of a song George Ezra would typically release. I don't mean this is bad, I like Ezra a lot.
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  4. As much as I love slow songs, Put A Little Love On Me is a bit too beige for me. I thought his debut had a couple of better ballads. That said, it will probably end up doing very well.
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  5. 15 years ago this would've been number 1 for a month over Christmas. It's pretty good. Reminds me a bit of James Arthur's Naked, but a touch less warm/immediate.
  6. I thought he fully embraced his audience by delivering the bops but this seems outta place then. Too bad.
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  7. It's a nice ballad and his voice works so well with it. Perfect for this winter period.
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  8. He usually sells the shit out of his ballads, but this one misses the mark. It could do with losing about a minute because it gets really repetitive by the end.
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  9. I think it’s a great vocal. He’s voice is so much stronger than I remember. I’m sure there is an audience for this but I wished he was producing more BOPS!
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  10. Beautifully sung, beautifully shot video, but boring as all hell.

    This could’ve been like third or fourth single but as second single it’s just a bit like “ nice”.
  11. I wonder why he pushed out a new song on Friday if not for Strictly, as it seemed custom made for an emotive slow dance. This tune still rocks though.
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  12. I'd climb on board that.

    Now channel that licensing coin back into an album launch, please and thanks.

  13. He looks gooood in that pink suit.
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  14. He's one of us.

    I appreciate an artist with the self-awareness to understand his place in the pop music hierarchy.
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  15. Jesus Christ he looked good in that pink suit on SNL.
  16. I can see me devouring him.
  17. The SNL ballad performance was gorgeous. His voice has really grown and he knows how to use it correctly. I'm now officially streaming that song xo
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