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Niall Horan - Heartbreak Weather

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Bop after ballad after bop. Here for it.
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  2. Do we know when he's planning on actually releasing the LP? He'll be 3 singles in... I have to admit, I haven't been that impressed with his latest songs but am still excited for his 2nd album. I'd imagine it must be coming soon unless the label is dying for a major hit...
  3. It's coming in March, date TBC, according to a recent appearance on the RTÉ Late Late Show where he pre-recorded an interview and perdormance for the album release. It needs to be out before his tour kicks off in April.
  4. No Judgement music video:

  6. The cover art, he didn't just snap, he ZAPPED.
  7. This sounds so much like an Ed Sheeran song.
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  8. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    This cover is uhh...interesting? But at least he's able to actually run a fairly painless album campaign.
  9. It's like if that one Ed Sheeran song were good. Could take or leave the video.
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  10. No Judgement is very vanilla. I feel like I’ve heard this song hundred times before. After Nice To Meet Ya, I was hoping for some brilliant 90’s Robbie Williams aping bops. I hope there are some more of those on the album.
  11. No Judgement is a nice light bop, but Nice To Meet Ya definitely set a level of boppage/growth that seems to be more of a one-off than an actual reflection of the album.
  12. No Judgement is very anonymous. Agree that it's been done a hundred times before in the last few years.
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  13. It's cute but definitely anonymous. If I were the label I'd be concerned about this album's prospects to be honest.
  14. I can't remember if he did tour bundles this go-around. If so, he has nothing to worry about.
  15. She’s a cute girl but it’s no Nice To Meet Ya sadly.
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  16. OK song, hoped for more boppery.
  17. tea


    Was pleasantly surprised by this?! Give him all of Sheeran's success. Music video is pretty corny though
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  18. That music video is atrocious, can we have sexy Niall back from “Nice To Meet Ya” please?
  19. It's shit but i hope it smashes for our son x
  20. I hope this is a hit for him, he deserves it.

    That cover is a serve too.
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