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Niall Horan - Heartbreak Weather

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. No Judgement is boring as hell. I like the album cover though.
  2. The Diplo remix of 'Nice To Meet Ya' better be on the deluxe edition!
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  3. He looks hot in that new video, but I literally can’t remember the song at all.
  4. No Judgement is very innocuous, but I like that he's showing some personality in the video, and there's some sort of concept to the album cover this time. Also, that he's actually getting the second album out as planned. Not everyone has that.
  5. he? Like the song itself, the video is something I'd expect from Ed Sheeran or Lewis Capaldi. Or basically any other boring white guy. It's literally him making silly faces while an old couple does weird stuff. It's aimed at 5-year-olds and soccer moms.
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  6. Dddd I know he's not all that interesting but I irrationally stan him. The music is pretty good (I even kinda like his sappy ballads) and he minds his business.

    Nice to Meet Ya has grown on me a lot. It's a fun, quirky bop.
  7. Have you watched his previous music videos? With the exception of Nice To Meet Ya, they're all quite serious. I like that he's having fun in this one. None of his videos have done huge numbers on YouTube, so why not try something different this time around.
  8. I'm surprised by the negative response that "No Judgement" has received. Yes, it is a bit faceless, but a bop is a bop.
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  9. The album cover is great and I'm excited that Teddy Geiger has worked on it. The video for 'No Judgement' though... Truly the worst one I've seen in a long time. The song isn't much chop either.

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  10. When I first heard the song I thought the melody was a bit limp but was really into the shimmery guitar that cuts in every now and then and just the guitar parts in general. A day later and I actually really like this? It grows on me more with each listen and I'm pretty sure I even like it more than Nice To Meet Ya now.
  11. I'm cautiously perched for this, even if none of the three songs we've heard are On the Loose, Slow Hands or Since We're Alone level bops. I'm sure it will be stronger than LP1 and Walls.

  12. That's— not an especially high bar to clear.

    Tracklist is up on a few sites:

    1. Heartbreak Weather
    2. Black and White
    3. Dear Patience
    4. Bend the Rules
    5. Small Talk
    6. Nice to Meet Ya
    7. Put a Little Love On Me
    8. Arms of a Stranger
    9. Everywhere
    10. Cross Your Mind
    11. New Angel
    12. No Judgement
    13. San Francisco
    14. Still
  13. I swear to god if a Louise stan comes here to share that fucking Small Talk song again I'm going nuclear.
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  14. This is where I am with it. It's pleasantly inoffensive and an earworm good enough to get radio play without becoming obnoxious. Not something I'd seek out as a must listen, but always an enjoyable listen when it comes on Spotify.

    On that note, I can't believe anyone thought it was smart to release that dreary ballad around the holidays as a single. Anyone with a brain could see it wouldn't do anything in the midst of Christmas playlists. It feels like they did a proper good roll out for the first single full of charming interviews and good performances and then when it didn't do as well as they'd hoped (despite being a certified bop, it must be said), they just said "fuck it" and threw their hands up and told him to just hashtag a bunch of social media posts with his single name and call it a day.
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  15. My feeling is that they only put it out so that he had a second song to perform on SNL.
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  16. Are previews out yet? Hope he delivers the bops...
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  17. Definitely hope so in the vein of more of Nice To Meet Ya.
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