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Niall Horan - Heartbreak Weather

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Big energy.
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  2. Australian tour is being announced in a few hours. Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne from late September to early October.
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  3. Any news on UK dates yet?
  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ok but it's such a bop.


    • Pre-order Niall’s new album HERE before 4pm GMT on 2nd March for pre-sale access to UK, Ireland and EU shows. Pre-sale starts 3rd March at 9am GMT.
    • General on-sale for all UK, Ireland and EU shows begins 6th March at 9am GMT.
    • More information on shows in Italy will be announced soon.
    Here ya go! Enjoy your quotification.
  6. So is anyone going? How is he live? I'm tempting...
  7. Hardly only one Irish date? They must be testing the waters? I’m sure he’d sell atleast 3 nights at the 3Arena.
  8. I watched the stream of his last tour. He's actually got a really strong voice and stage presence. Definitely going to see him this tour.
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  9. He's hinting at more to come in Ireland, and there seems to be space in the calendar to add more dates in.

    He puts on a fun show. If the tickets aren't outrageously expensive, I'll grab some for this tour.
  10. Forgot to preorder the album for the presale.
    My cousin is adamant we are going to the Manchester concert, she has the hotel booked already.

  11. Just gonna leave this here...
  12. That video still is life...
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  13. Sis saw all the songs flopping in the U.S. and decided to finally undo a few buttons. I'm not mad at it.
  14. That’s it I’m getting tickets.
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  15. Anyone got a presale code or something for Europe dates? Thank u!
  16. Yes that is why you will see him.
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  17. Amongst other things! Got tickets for Manchester. And it's an early 50th birthday present for me too. Even better.
  18. Check out his Insta stories today, sis!
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  19. No one wants to go with me today. Let me share a story and ask my friends... Maybe a few gays will join.
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  20. Someone posted their presale code on twitter so I managed to get tickets!
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