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Niall Horan - Heartbreak Weather

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Why am I this many years on only just noticing how hot he is?
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  2. Wonder if we'll hear anymore samples of the album before Friday...
  3. I didn't even know the album was out on Friday! No Judgment was a bit shit, but Nice to Meet Ya is great so I'm excited to see what else the album's got on offer.
  4. I noticed last night in the 'Nice to meet ya' video that he walks past a poster with the words 'Heartbreak weather' on.
  5. First album review I've seen:

    He doesn't hold back, but it's generally more positive than I was expecting from Stereogum.
  6. Listening now. The part of the review you quoted here is pretty accurate. There's a clear improvement compared to Flicker when it comes to the strength of its writing and production, but the album remains very much in the same lane as Flicker. I think we were all expecting that anyway. It's a style he's excelled at and I don't think anyone thought there'd be any major deviations from it.
  7. The title track is so good!
  8. What an unfortunate time to have planned a press blitz for your new album. Aint nobody allowed to go outside.
  9. But they are stuck at home with nothing to do but stream your new music, so that’s a bit of blessing.

  10. He isn't wrong either.
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  11. His album launch events with SiriusXM & AMP Radio were also cancelled, and his Today show plaza concert has been moved indoors, without an audience.

    Wild that he announced the second leg of his US tour amid all of this. Was probably timed to have a second dip at album bundles, but I don't think many people are interested in buying tickets to anything right now.
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  12. Nice album on first listen. I hope the promo situation doesn't affect it too badly.
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  13. [​IMG]

    When Niall got up on the chair

  14. Wait his chest
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  15. Had a first listen to this and I'm glad at least one of them knows and acknowledges that "Four" was their best record, I just didn't expect it would be Niall to give us the spiritual successor.

    I was expecting a few token ~sound changes~ and then some Flicker rewrites if I'm being honest, especially based on that Stereogum review, but this actually is a pretty noticeable switchup. The dna of the folksy mid-tempos are still here, but they've been beefed up with more immediate choruses and glittering synths alongside the guitar strums.

    Right away, the standouts to me (not including already released stuff) are:

    Heartbreak Weather
    Arms of A Stranger
    Small Talk
    Cross Your Mind
    New Angel
  16. This is ... disappointing on the first listen. Nice To Meet Ya was excellent. The rest of the album feels very Olly Murs meets Jonas Brothers.. it’s not what I was expecting from Niall.

    There are 2-3 more songs that may grow on me on multiple listens.
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