Niall Horan - "Meltdown" + The Show (Jun 9)

Greg did parlay his status as Niall’s brother into some semblance of social media fame, for a matter of time. The Daily Star reported that Greg had 1.7 million Twitter followers in 2017. His bio listed him as an “influencer marketer.”

The same close family source shed light on the Horan's controversy, saying that Greg had hoped to “reach a point where people… know who he is without having to include a picture of Niall on his profile.”

Five years later, Greg is down to
4,726 Twitter followers.

Feels like he needs some therapy. It sounds like Niall stepped away because his brother was aggressive towards him?

It’s just strange to say all this about one of the more genuine people in the industry. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Niall, even from people locally who know him.
"I won't slag off my brother" *proceeds to slag off his brother*
"Does anyone ask Niall how Greg is?" I didn't even know Niall had a brother until today. Why would anyone care how Niall's family are? I've never known a fan or interviewer ask a celeb how their family is, unless said family is also famous.
I get that it must be hard being the brother of someone famous, but Niall doesn't really owe him anything? It's sad if they have grown apart or had a falling out, but if he did use Niall for clout then who can blame Niall for not wanting to be close?