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Nick Jonas - Spaceman

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattw67, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. I hope This Is Heaven does decently for him, I’d like to see the campaign stretch out further so we get a soft porn video at some point. I could see 2Drunk as a single next.

    It’s a shame that they didn’t use something like the Spaceman or This Is Heaven single covers as the album cover and had the current cover on the back. Can’t say I’m keen on the deluxe artwork.
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  2. Oh “Selfish” is good

  3. both Selfish and Dangerous are stellar additions.

    A giving King
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  4. So I assume Selfish is a track from whether was going to be released by the Jonas Brothers before the world went to shit since Kurstin didn't have anything to do with it?
  5. The two bonus tracks are stupendous cherries on top of this incredible confection.
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  6. MB


    Selfish is a great track but doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the album, I'd have probably put that one after Dangerous. Both great additions and I literally can't stop playing the album.
  7. For some reason, he and Priyanka are announcing the Oscar nominees today. I remember she was briefly in the Supporting Actress conversation for The White Tiger, but otherwise it seems a fairly random choice.
  8. I'm the same - his last 2 album covers were just head shots...
  9. A pretty solid album with chilled out tracks. I prefer the second half more and yes Spaceman as the debut single is an odd choice when you had Delicious and If I Fall right there.
  10. Priyanka knew. 'Glow' would be serving major Ellie Goulding vibes.
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  11. Didn’t expect the bonus tracks to be this strong. Pleasantly surprised.
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  12. Okay, the 'chill' versions are really lovely.
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  14. They both looked so uncomfortable doing those Oscar nominations! It was extremely colourful!
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  15. #36 in the midweeks.

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  16. MB


    A popinjustice.
  17. So couldn't he use the deluxe to put out a version of Death Do Us Part that doesn't cut off in the middle of the chorus? It triggers my OCD so much.
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  18. Album without hit single in struggling shocker.
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  19. And lack of promo? One Graham Norton interview is not going to push an album into the Top 10. I don't know how he thinks his annoying marriage is promo enough.

    Especially when his last solo efforts only got to #16 and #25 on the back of decent-sized hits.
  20. Do we know why the campaign was so rushed? Like, I'm not complaining because I'm used at the neverending pre-releases of our pop girls, but this album feels like it came and went in a matter of days.
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