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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WarZard, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. What happened to Nick Kamen?
    He completely disappeared (Dina Carroll like) mid-nineties after his fourth album "Whatever, Whenever" flopped.
    Why did he stop recording Music? Why did he never attempted a Comeback, like so many other 80's acts?

    His records are much better than I remembered them. At the time I just bought them because of the Madonna connection. My favorite album of him is "Us". It's the little Brother of True Blue.

    I wonder what he's doing these days. There are no current pictures, no Facebook, absolutely nothing is found.
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  2. Us really was the True Boylue album!
  3. I still hope his 1987 self-titled WEA debut gets a CD reissue one day, unlikely as it would be.
  4. About 15 years ago I was coming out of Ladbroke Grove station and a man wearing a beanie hat was walking towards me. As I got to the bottom of the stairs he looked up and I found myself staring directly at Nick Kamen.

    I literally went weak at the knees. He looked exactly the same as in his 80's prime and is to this day still the most beautiful I have ever seen.

    Couldn't sing for toffee but who cares when you look like that.

    One of mump's models did a shoot with Barry Kamen the other day. She had no idea who he was but mump was very excited.
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  5. This was absolutely ground breaking at the time:

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  6. Yeah with 12" versions and b sides, was hoping when "i promised myself" was released someone would re-issue it - but it never happened.
  7. Win your love and Bring me your love were 2 of my favourites. Also thought Nobody else and Tell me should have done better.
    The 12" version of Tell me is excellent.
  8. There is a rare compilation with B-Sides and 12'' Mixes.

    Loving You
    01 Oh What A Night (7'' Version) (MC Bonus Track "Us")
    02 Miss You (7'' Version) (B-Side "Come Softly To Me")
    03 Each Time You Break My Heart (Shep Pettibone Mix)
    04 Better Be Good Tonight (7'' Version) (B-Side "Tell Me")
    05 Come Softly To Me (12'' Version)
    06 Win Your Love (The Love Mix)
    07 Don't Hold Out
    08 Lonely Boy
    09 Bring Me Your Love (Extended Mix)
    10 Baby After Tonight (7'' Version) (B-Side "Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever")
    11Tell Me (Extended Mix)
    12 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (Extended Dance Mix)

    Reissue CD Bonus Tracks:
    13 Each Time You Break My Heart (Dance Mix)
    14 I Promised Myself (Independiente Mix)
    15 Nobody Else (Arthur Baker Dance Mix)
  9. I actually thought his voice was really really nice and smooth.
  10. That's rather scarce. I've never been able to find a copy over the years. It's the only one of his CDs I'm missing.

    I think his debut is actually a bit boring. Aside from Each Time... it's nothing special, the later albums are better.
  11. After twenty years I think a found some recent pictures!

    If it's really from 2010 he's 48 years old on that picture. He looks like 38.

    His mole is gone?

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  12. He looks older than 38! 48 sounds more like it.
  13. He looks 20-something! Amazing!
  14. Just not of Nick Kamen, "pop star". He's the user called 'Brave' on that forum (complaining he looks like he has jaundice). Nick Kamen is probably just his nickname. (Pun not even intended.)
  15. It looks like Nick Kamen though.
  16. I don't think it's Nick and he doesn't look in his 20s either way. I'm in my 30s and he looks way older than me. Ha!
  17. Are you 100% sure?
    Isn't that the same "broken?" Nose? Am I seeing things?
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  18. That does look like him... to be fair.
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