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Nick Kamen

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WarZard, Jun 30, 2014.

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  2. According to this clip from the "100 Greatest TV Ads" in 2000, he moved to Los Angeles to become a painter:

    [Video deleted from YouTube]

    (Clip features contributions from The Thornton.)
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  3. I had never heard I Promised Myself until a few years ago.

    Why wasn't it massive in the UK? #50?

    I mean the week it peaked (28/4/90) was a pretty stellar top 40 but still.
  4. It had a lot of pop mag coverage too! Smash Hits had a 3 page feature on him month of release.
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  6. Oh bugger. Hope he gets through this.
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  7. His Levis ad was the first time I knew I was different.
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  8. Very sad news. Life is cruel. Hate to see all this suffering.
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  9. Very sad news. I hope he will overcome this.
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  10. Sending him good thoughts.
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  11. Has anyone heard anything new of Nick? I can’t find much info on his health online. It could just be he’s being very private about it of course. I joined a FB fan page to see if they were talking about but almost all the posts are in Italian ddd.

    This isn’t new but I was thrilled to recently discover this video of Neneh Cherry singing background for him doing a live (well lip synced from the looks of it) performance of “Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever”! My dream would be them reuniting and Neneh doing her rap from “Looking Good Diving with the Wild Bunch” over Nick’s version of “Looking Good Diving” haha.

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  13. Such a good pop song from US
  14. Whoa, thank you for sharing. Really hope he’s able to recover. I’ve had him in heavy rotation lately and it breaks my heart to see him like that.
  15. If someone owns the Japanise edition of the debut album: does it include the lyrics of the songs ?
  16. I know quite random but I recently got into his 80s stuff - was a little before I was properly into music so was nice to find such pure pop/soul edged music from the 80s. Anyway, lead me to getting his boxset for a good price;

    Lots of material including his 4 studio albums, b sides, mixes and a couple of unreleased tracks from the vault. I am surprised they didn't release a DVD with the set considering how great he looked. The notes state he has been unwell but is doing ok now. Shame he didn't do better in the UK charts - always the way for those generally known for other reasons prior (modelling for example).
  17. I had heard he was unwell a couple of years ago but didn’t know the details and hadn’t heard an update. I assumed it was something serious/terminal so glad he’s better.
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  18. The booklet references "friends" have said he is showing "remarkable spirit" and is "doing great" so not much detail on if it is a full recovery or if he is dealing well with his health battle.
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  19. Are people happy with this in general? I might get it but am worried about vinyl rips on the 12"s/remixes.....does anybody know if it has been properly done?
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  20. Its a bit overwhelming in terms of the amount of content but I’ll take a listen to the rare 12” and remixes again. On first impression it was of high standard and didn’t sound like rips.
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