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Nick Kamen

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WarZard, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Hey I just took another listen in particular to the rare and unreleased material and to my ears I couldn't hear any vinyl fact most of it sounds pretty amazing and in the booklet does mention the additional material included had been found in the Warner vault.
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  2. It’s being reported that Nick Kamen has died. Can’t find any details but Boy George posted on IG.

  3. Just heard! 59 is no age to go. We knew he had been ill for a while and I did suspect it was terminal.
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  4. This news makes me very sad. He had been very ill it seems for some time but yes in this day and age 59 is young. What a beautiful man he was.
  5. I've just heard about this from a friend, such sad news, RIP Nick.
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  6. Sad news.


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  7. I feared the worst when I saw this thread bumped with new posts.

    Poor guy.
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  8. RIP Nick Kamen - my personal fave:
  9. Do we know if Madonna has made a statement yet?
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  10. Ah that’s sad. He had some bops.
  11. I feared the worst too when I saw this thread had been bumped. I've been really enjoying his albums boxset and feel Nick was such an underrated popstar.

    All some of my all time favourite songs, the latter being a great new discovery. RIP Nick.
  12. He definitely deserved much more success in the UK and I love how he developed his sound over the space of the 4 albums. A great pop injustice! #RIPNICK
  13. I'm glad I got the boxset. It'll be a bittersweet listen though, when I do get around to playing it.
  14. So sad to hear about this. I got the boxset last year and was really pleasantly surprised by the Us and (especially) Move Until We Fly albums. He really delivered some brilliant songs in his career.
  15. Very sad news, and at such a young age.
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  16. Yes she posted on Instagram.


  17. I'm so sad
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  18. What was he ill with. I hadn't heard that before?
  19. Bone Marrow cancer.
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