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Nick Kamen

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WarZard, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. What a beautiful man. May he rest in peace.
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  2. Cancer, he was sick for years, poor guy.
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  3. Lots of tributes from many differing genre artists indicates he was truly liked. I’ve seen posts from Skin, Boy George, Tanita Tikaram and Wendy James all saying how nice he was.
  4. I came here to post this. People who have posted messages have been unequivocally positive about his personal character (Madonna, Duran Duran…). RIP. I Promised Myself is a bop for the ages.
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  5. I knew nothing of him until M's ETYBMH demo leaked in 2007. Rest in peace. What a handsome guy!
  6. Each Time You Break My Heart and I Promised Myself are both in my all time Top 100 favourite songs. Sounds like he was a beautiful man, both inside and out.
  7. "Kool Still"
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  8. I didn't realise he wrote I Promised Myself. Such a great song, and versatile - the Dead or Alive version really pops off.
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  9. Finally started on the boxset....the debut album sounds lovely. Not quite what I was expecting from the singles, but some nice tracks. Especially the last one.
  10. I Promised Myself is such a great song, I love these cover versions too

    Criminal that it has never been a UK hit.
  11. I wanted to make a GH collection with all the singles, it seemd quite easy after the boxset release, but...
    How much is Discogs reliable ?
    Each Time You Break My Heart
    Album version: 4:34
    US 7": 4:16
    US 12": 3:55 named "radio mix"
    The Boxset: Each Time You Break My Heart (U.S. Radio Mix) 4:04
    Japan 7": 4:23 (printed on the disc)
    Italian 7" : 4:25
    Canada 7": 4:25
    Mexican 12": 4:25 (named "short version") but 4:20 on disc
    European 7": 4:30

    Was there a planned 3rd single from Whatever, Whenever ?
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