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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The_Rani, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. I noticed that Nicki has a new album out this week, so I thought it would be worthwhile starting a thread about her. I personally prefer her 90's output, but its great that she's still going. I wore out my Total Eclipse of The Heart single back in 1995 and still think its a great cover version today. Did You Ever Really Love Me was a strong single too...

    Any other fans?
  2. She was robbed! Might’ve been the outfit and dancers though...

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  3. Calling it "Don't Play That Song Again" was just asking for trouble! I saw her do a PA in London launching her Eurovision attempt and she was very good. I always remember her shouting "it's time to put Nicki French back up there again!"

    My favourite Nicki bops after Total Eclipse of the Heart

    I also love how she randomly re-releases Total Eclipse every few years. I was obsessed with the original Energise and Mobius Loop dance mixes of that, not so much the watered down version that became the hit.
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  4. I'm always amazed at just how big her version of Total Eclipse was. I mean, did it really deserve to go top 5 in U.S. and UK? Always thought the production was kinda cheap.
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  5. The surprising thing was it going all the way to #2 in the USA, lots of songs with that sort of production became hits in Europe but hardly troubled, if at all, the US charts. Bit like La Bouche's Be My Lover, which was huge everywhere except strangely in the UK, although that was a better song.

    I never liked Nicki French, she seems a nice woman and a capable singer, but the production of her songs always sounded really cheap to me. Worst case was that Eclipse remix from 2006-ish with the cheapest video, styling and choreography I've ever seen from a non- novelty artist.
  6. The new album starts off ok, the first couple of tracks are good. Wanted is also a good track.
  7. I love that her album flopping in 1995 is always down to a “barcode error”.

    Yes it still amazes me that somehow Eclipse was a #2 hit. Even more so in its Euro form rather than the main version we got!
  8. Oh my god, I just pulled it up. You were right.

    She's very much giving me this:

    We stan.
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  9. Wasn't that the excuse they gave for the follow up single to Eclipse flopping hard, I think? (For all we know, was it?)
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  10. Her post 2000 stuff has been a bit too bargain bucket, even for me.

    Her second album, French Revolution wasn't bad. The single Te Amo was great but maybe a bit dated by the late 90s...
  11. Do you mean the original clubbier version? I think that was the first one to be released in the UK and then they remixed it and made it slightly more respectable for the re-release. But was it the original version the one that was a hit in the States?
  12. Nicki has a new single out (well, it was released in April)... 'Let's Play That Song Again'. I think these are covers of Eurovision songs. The physical version includes a new version of her own entry 'Don't Play That Song Again (what a surprise!)

  13. Yes it did! It is amazing!!
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  14. Oh my god.
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  15. I think Nicki has upgraded to Windows XP screensavers for her videos nowadays..

  16. In Australia, at least in my state (Victoria), the Real McCoy 'Another Night'-sounding (at least it is to my ears) clubbier version was plastered all over radio... yet the more 'watered down'/mellow vibe version was the one shown on rage (where she's in a room with a lamp) when it was in the charts. The now-defunct Video Hits show aired the blue background video with the Real McCoy mix as the audio, and this is the version of the song that made it onto 'Hit Machine 8' (similar to the NOW! series). It was confusing.
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  17. There's something quite brilliant about this:

    Nicki and her original backing singers recreate the Eurovision 2000 performance to mark 20 years.
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  18. I'm always fascinated by artists who have modest success in the UK but are massive overseas.
    Apparently Nicki was massive in Brazil in the late 90s.
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