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Nicki Minaj - Do We Have a Problem?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. Barbz vs. Hasan… I think we all lose here
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  2. Another day, another slaughter of brain cells.
  3. Well, she's in Twitter jail!

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  4. Mess at her going to jail before her husband.
  5. Goodbye.
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  6. I CANNOT.
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  7. SMG


  8. She’s currently live on Instagram and as expected, it’s an absolute mess.
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  9. She surely can’t be that dumb to realize Tucker truly is on another level of bullshit and you shouldn’t be speaking to him about anything period or have him cheerleading you.
  10. Truly the Trump of Music.

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  11. Someone add this tweet to the gif.
  12. noooooooooo goodbye!

  13. She truly lost the plot. Lots of Trumpster esque rhetoric.

    "Do you know how many men are embarrassed to speak about their health? They can't go to their wives to tell them that they don't feel well and are in pain? And this is a joke and Twitter thinks they can stop me from asking questions?"

    Ironic of her saying that while publicly tweeting information about two different mens' health.
  14. She really buried an actually legitimate (but completely unrelated) point (that POC men are less likely to seek treatment) in a see of borderline Q babble. I can't.
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  15. I'm-
  16. This. There's a much bigger conversation that could and should happen around this and specifically how it relates to vaccine hesitancy, but her ranting is verging on Kanye / Tucker in that live video. She sounds like my aunt on Facebook with the, "Open your eyes!" conspiracy bullshit.
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  17. I just feel so nourished by this mess, y'know? It's really come at the right time for me to truly savour it.
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  18. It's the way she always brings every single ounce of mess onto herself.

    Guilt-free dragging, if you will. Sorry Demi.
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