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Nicki Minaj - Do We Have a Problem?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. We're literally living in a Necki Menij episode.
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  2. Snakes are officially manifesting

  3. Nn I was just going to say something similar.
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  4. She was going off on Instagram Live just now, and Timbaland was gassing her up in the comments.

  5. That is so disrespectful to Aaliyah.
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  6. Maybe this is also her way of coping and taking her mind off things, however harmful/stupid it is?
  7. Yeah so what we're not going to do is even edge into an area of sympathy for this halfwit.
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  8. This entire ordeal feels so unsavory and weird.
  9. The "she's saying crazy stuff to distract from the lawsuit!" theory has never made any sense to me. More like she is so not concerned by the endless legal troubles arising from and against her spouse that she sits around making up shit to worry about instead of that.

    She's an avowed asshole and damn proud of it.
  10. Yeah I've been going back and forth on first I thought she kept the clowning going to distract from the lawsuit. But that Insta Live shows that she's dead serious about this entire thing.

    And if she truly did care about how it looks being married to a rapist/pedo/murderer (enough to want to distract from it, at least), I feel like she would have done something before now.....there were already headlines a few weeks ago (only a few, but still). The fact that she's with him in the first place and is harassing his victim says enough.
  11. The stuff about Kenneth has been in the press since they started dating nearly three years ago. I hardly think she’d go through all this effort to distract from it now.
  12. is giving 'DaBaby made homophobic comments so that Levitating would cool off as he prefers his own stuff to smash' basically. It does not make sense.
  13. I just woke up to all of this and... Today has already peaked for sure. I'm better off staying in bed.
    Or do we actually know with the case of Mrs Petty? Looking forward to when the US wakes up again!
  14. People after tweeting “Nicki Minaj is creating a PR crisis to distract from the fact she’s in a PR crisis”
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  15. The thing is that she has been doing things this entire time to distract from it, though, literally from the first week they were spotted out together dd.

    Bringing this up isn’t trying to excuse or skirt around the misinformation that she’s spreading. But I just don’t see how it doesn’t make sense that this is a deflection when she’s out here blatantly lying and gaslighting everyone and claiming she’s joking. She already said two days ago that she plans on getting vaccinated when it comes time to tour. So she’s literally just creating drama and chaos.
  16. Yeah, I understand wanting to explain why she's doing what she's doing because it is genuinely nuts, but the fact of that matter is that this is who she is (I do think part of it is a distraction even if it's not intentional). She is a horrible person and always has been. She has a horribly inflated ego that prevents her from ever admitting she's done something wrong, and now we're seeing her double, triple, and quadruple down now that she can't back down from all the backlash she's getting.

    After having paid attention to these right-wing (in the US) anti-vaxxers for the past year, she fits that mold to a T. She is the kind of person who even after having something explained to her, she'd still walk away thinking she was right because she just can't admit that she was ever wrong. She now has millions of people plus multiple governments, plus law enforcement coming down on her saying she's wrong for the various things she's been doing and I don't think she's able to handle it. It's just gonna keep getting worse as she's already treading into "the gov't is trying to silence me" conspiracy territory.
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  17. This will never happen though.
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  18. After the nightmare / shitshow / entertainment for us on the phorrem during her European tour - I have doubts. And for her popularity now?!
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