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Nicki Minaj - Do We Have a Problem?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. Where is the "Good luck booking that stage you speak of" GIF when you need it?
  2. It was a screenshot
  3. She's doubling down on "Being invited to the White House to speak with Dr. Fauci", more rambling nonsense about how they're all out to get her, etc. And people are gassing her up in the comments. Her and Trump honestly have a lot of similar narcissistic qualities.

  4. Just imagine being a full fledged barb after this.
  5. At least Trump has the guts to embarrass himself on camera, Nicki's talking to thin air.
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  6. I stand with Nicki is trending right now..
  7. .........

    She's ignoring one little tidbit that proves she's lying; the White House is not going to invite an unvaccinated person to a place where the guy in charge is pushing 80 years old.

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  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  9. Honestly... I think that theory gives her too much credit. She really is just this dumb.

    And yeah, the more I think about her being "the Trump of rap," the truer it seems.
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  10. How was this show allowed to exist?
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  11. Not this being addressed in an official White House press conference...

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  12. Jen Psaki really does have to put up with some shite doesn't she
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  13. I mean, all this talk of her being the Trump of Rap, when the theory people keep dismissing as “giving her too much credit” is exactly the same type of shit he used to pull. Shit, it’s the same thing Kanye does. So. It’s really not something that requires an insane amount of brains.
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  14. Aaaand we have now made it into homophobic territory:

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  15. She’s such a sad, pathetic person.
  16. Of course she starts being homophobic right when “Montero” drops.
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  17. Time to Camila the thread or too delicious to see her dumb antics?
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  18. This is so embarrassing. Like??? Just waiting for her to say they're lying and that they did actually invite her but now they're the ones backtracking, I can practically see the tweet in my head already. I can't decide if I think she really took the offer to have a conversation with a doctor as an invite to the White House or if she's fully just talking out of her ass and wants to make herself appear more important than she actually is. First of all, why the fuck would she be invited to the White House because she's throwing a temper tantrum on twitter and gaslighting people for directly quoting her? And her tweeting "send me questions you want asked!!" as if she's some highly respected professional with any leg to stand on. Nicki, babe, you're not special. You're just another anti-vaxxer. She looks like a fucking idiot in trying to do the whole "I'm saying what no one else will" thing while simultaneously trying to make herself the victim. I just really can't get over her acting like they were going to give her some sort of press conference because she refuses to get a vaccine that's now been administered for months at this point. It's not a new thing anymore, and it's been far too long for anyone to try and use the "doing my own research" card.

    It both makes me sad and so angry when I see the amount of impressionable fans she has hanging onto her every word. We need a vaccine to protect the general population from the Barb Variant at this point.
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