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Nicki Minaj - Do We Have a Problem?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. Yeah because a reporter being unprofessional should result in her openly getting death threats from a celebrity and siccing her fanbase on them? No.
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  2. I don’t agree with the death threats, but the reporter was doing more than just being unprofessional. She was literally threatening Nicki’s family.
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  3. That fool introduced herself and her workplace in those whatsapp messages, it doesn't take a genius to find out the number
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  4. The reporter is just one of many news outlets following the media storm that Nicki Minaj created herself.

    Spreading vaccine myths then crying when people start looking into it? Fucking spare me the pity party for Nicki... shes all up the right wing talking points now.
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  5. Birds of a feather.

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  6. It went from worse to worser.
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  7. Well we know Nicki has no problem with pedophiles so she probably loves this endorsement.
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  8. The danger involved in trying to gaslight your entire fan base into thinking you are being silenced by the “powerful, wealthy, elite” (which you are a part of) or the government when you are simply being called out for being a fucking idiot and spreading dangerous misinformation. She really lost the plot. (More than she already had).
  9. What is going on?!?

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  10. Who would've thought that we'd see multiple headlines featuring Nicki Minaj alongside the words "testicular swelling" this year?
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  11. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It's fucking nonsensical. So I shouldn't listen to medical experts with science itself as their entire careers/livelihoods, based on historical precedent, but instead a rapper from Jamaica, Queens, whose only prime reason for notoriety!? I should place my faith in someone who stands by rapists, laughs at sexual assault of minors, picks fights with other Black women, collaborates with sexual + child abusers, and amongst other things, is conveniently homophobic yet mobilizes her queer fanbase to terrorize people on her behalf...all over people that study and advance the field of science, which will be here long after all of us are living, and existed before all of us as well? And because Nicki has always conveniently toed the line between pop and rap, there are people that blindly accept anything she does because being a Barb is more appealing to them than employing common sense. As a public figure she has a responsibility and to know her place considering the magnitude of her influence. Like Summer Walker, SZA, and a roundhouse of other Black celebs, she often is a complete fool. Not for being hesitant, which is fair (only temporarily) for Black people based on years upon years of medical racism, but for conflating "doing research" with an inability to discern between actual medical racism, the validity of medical science, and how science works in general. It is a virus that is new to study, is consistently being studied, and as it is studied, we learn more. It is ongoing, it is relentless, and it is not thoroughly defined because THAT IS HOW VIRUSES WORK. "Doing my own research" means that you never understood how medical science itself informs public health and don't care to understand the very landscape of science in the first place. Nicki will never be an expert on anything besides being a clown, and I wish she would stay firmly in lane because the fruits of her labor truly await her there.
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  12. Anti-Vaxxers have the dumbest fucking arguments. It's always "Think for yourself & do your own research. Don't believe the government and the media." while using as a source. It's always "My aunt's mother's dog's 5th cousin twice removed got a headache after she got her shot! They're poisoning us!". Absolutely no critical thinking skills. If their stupidity was just hurting themselves then I wouldn't give a fuck, but it's not. I'm beyond sick of it.
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  13. And then when they get sick they go to a hospital full of medical advancements developed by the same scientists as vaccines nn
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  14. It's been a year and a half of this shit which has been prolonged by the absolute stupidity of said individuals and my patience is non-existent now on the matter. People have died and continue to die because of this stupidity, it would be different if it just affected the idiots and not people who have taken it seriously from the get go. May this virus continue to rip through these unvaccinated idiots who can then scream about "muh freedom" and "doing their own research" six feet under.

  15. Or they take horse dewormer

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  16. Remember when Trump told people to ingest bleach? The horse dewormer isn't too shocking when you remember how all of this has spiraled and now they are also gargling full on iodine to own the libs.
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  17. Will Ferrell when he sees this:
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  18. Fff every time I read about another conservative radio host dying

  19. The fact that it's now ripping through unvaccinated Republican voters at like eight times the amount of everyone else.

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