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Nicki Minaj - Do We Have a Problem?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. Welp.
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  2. Final: Hendersonville 41 Gallatin 7
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  3. She is a dangerous biohazard clown. Whatever sympathy and benefit of the doubt people might have had for her these recent years need to be out the window. What redeeming quality does she even have going for herself anymore? A homophobic bully who goes out of her way to support rapists/murderers/younameit and has no problem using her influence to be a literal threat to public health during a pandemic. She’s despicable.
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  4. Foolish BIA angling for a NM5 feature loooool. 'You have one body and it's your own' yeah one that will be in hospital soon if you don't vaccinate.
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  5. Mr.Arroz

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    Not to mention that besides not understanding science and public health, plagues and epi-/pandemics are documented as part of global history. It just shows you how modern-age people are ignorant, willfully so, and are not worth the time to educate. It is your body, and I can bet a pretty penny that it'll be your early funeral too.
  6. I guess at least they’ll have a star name for the 2024 inauguration :/
  7. dd exactly. Doctors are so fed up at this point beyond the exhaustion they've dealt with over the past year because we have a solution, but these people are refusing it and continuing to make doctors' lives hell. The same people who think they know better than actual experts, or don't want to get the vaccine because "Big Pharma can't tell me what to do!!!1", feel entitled to get care from those same medical experts they were downplaying in the first place.
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  8. Fixed.
  9. Not the Nicki Minaj American flag turning from a meme to a right wing symbol

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  10. Pepe the Frog collab incoming.
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  11. What did you just call BIA?
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  13. The “doing my own research line” is especially funny to me because if you Google “is the covid 19 vaccine safe” or “does the covid 19 vaccine work”, you will find only reliable sources of info all saying the same thing: the vaccines are safe + effective. Like where tf are these people looking for information? WhatsApp and Facebook?
  14. Also, Mrs Petty’s husband name is ZOO? I-
  15. I even typed in “the COVID vaccine isn’t safe, right?” And every article is about debunking myths and misinformation about the vaccine. Like you have to go into the deep Q-Anon shit hole sections of the internet to find actual encouragement of not taking the vaccine.

  16. Replace Dr. Fauci with Azealia for our national voice on public health.


    This is an endorsement of the first 5 minutes of her dragging general vaccine hesitancy with all the ways we can die in American, I'm not here to endorse some of the other comments she made about Nicki's appearance.
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  17. Miss Azealia highlighted something else that I don't think gets talked about enough, what if you are the one who ends up killing one of your relatives or friends you love dearly because you expose them? Like I don't understand how that alone isn't enough for some people. Biggest fear of mine is my asthmatic nephew getting sick and that's why we all got vaccinated and have pushed wearing masks as much as possible while out. We know it's not 100 percent effective but fucking hell why would anyone chance it? Rugged individualism is sociopathic.
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  18. “You’re Candace Owen!”

    “You don’t have anything that any of us (female rappers) really want! Billboard… who gives a fuck, Baby Shark outsold you”
  19. The people denying the vaccine and “doing research” honestly just say they do but never do anything at all. Just petty excuses!
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