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Nicki Minaj - Embarrassment

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. A mess.
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  2. Yet another twist...

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  3. Not corporate and government media departments jumping on the bandwagon. It just completely sucks the fun out of it nn.
  4. Scream why the fuck her tone sounding like spoken poetry but she speaking Qanon shit?
  5. NOT a fucking White House statement.
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  6. When she passes her lie off as yet another joke we didn't understand nn
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  7. Not Nicki's lies forcing Joe to fire up MS-DOS to type up a statement. How does this keep escalating?
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  8. Basically
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  9. Someone posted that she supports Tucker Carlson and fighting the barbz for saying he's a racist??
  10. Now she has lied about a White House visit? What a fucking mess.
  11. To be fair to Nicki, she might not have known that the doctor she was offered a conversation with wasn't the president.
  12. I love mess but I CAN’T even have fun with a Tucker Carlson co-sign. That is fucked up.
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  13. Another lie ddd
  14. Honestly don't understand why people took her word for it that she was suspended to begin with?
  15. This entire mess is, as far as I’m concerned, just a planned distraction from what should be in the news cycle; that she’s married to a rapist who has broken the law and she is complicit in supporting him and his abhorrent behaviour, even going so far as to directly intimidate his victim.

    She might be one of the greatest rappers alive, and her contribution to rap and pop culture is important to recognise, but she’s also clearly a terrible person.

    I want to find joy in the memes arising from this tragedy but all it does is make me sad that someone of her calibre has such a large platform, with privileges and wealth most would never dare dream of having.

    How depressing.
  16. The Bojack Horsemanship of it all.
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  17. It’s obvious that this is all a distraction, but I actually don’t think her husband going to prison would’ve been headline-grabbing news? Probably just a couple of outlets covering it and a few viral tweets on stan Twitter, but people would’ve moved on quickly because he’s not exactly a celebrity and she’s not as relevant in 2021 for massive media attention to spill over that much to her significant other/loved ones. She’s ironically just bringing more eyes to it by forcing her name in the news with something so controversial.
  18. It wouldn’t have been, and it wasn’t even before all this. I don’t necessarily think she’s even trying to distract the larger public, or at least she wasn’t. This was really all just a way to keep her fans busy. She’s been doing small things like dropping new music clips (after previously being adamant about keeping it all underwraps), going live on Instagram and hosting Twitter Spaces. Like whatever. She didn’t begin to spiral out until the court summons was released publicly a couple days ago.
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