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Nicki Minaj - Embarrassment

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. And on that note, I’m screaming at this tweet.

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    What also bothers me about the "I'll do my own research" line is the fact that COVID-19 vaccines have been widely available in the US for several months now. Like, why are you only doing research NOW?

  3. Meg having an old tweet for every occasion again

  4. You missed the point of the joke. They’re not only doing their “research” now. They’ve been consistently following crackpots since the pandemic started and consider themselves experts by listening and reading disinformation which they regurgitate non-stop. They deem themselves experts and have been doing “the research” since April 2020. Now they’re happily dropping dead to “own the libs.”

    Biden ain’t inviting her.
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    I understood what people were joking about here. My post was meant to express my frustration over Minaj's very recent comments about doing her own research.
  6. This reminds me...after the Met controversy Bella Hadid posted a picture on her story getting the vaccine and you could see the photo timestamped Aug. 6

    Like, great you're vaccinated but why were you traveling to Cannes this summer before you got both shots when you would've been eligible as early as March?
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  7. Oh Nicki is about to lose it on Twitter and IG.
  8. If she had access to a nuclear war button she would definitely push it right now.
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  9. She's a clown for a million reasons, but giving verses to Meghan Trainor and Avril Lavigne while ignoring this smash is truly baffling.

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  10. Grass is green can be replaced with Nicki is a clown now. It’ll never change.
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  11. Homophibi Minaj lost!
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  12. Jack Harlow’s verse is great and he has been great in the promo/performances so good tbh
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  13. I would say that one silver lining (if one could even call it that) to the #vaxxballs mess is that under every tweet/meme/comment about it I see people bringing attention to Nicki and her monster husband's treatment of Jennifer Hough.
  14. Her passing on "Get Into It (Yuh)" and "Industry Baby"? Truly clown moves.
  15. Nice To Meet Ya landing Nicki's best guest verse in years never ceases to make me laugh.
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  16. The irony in all of this is that Nicki's BALLS fiasco is what made her a hot topic to be discussed. Had she just kept her mouth shut, I don't think Jennifer would've been given this platform. As for Jennifer, anyone who is willing to put themselves in the line of fire like this (especially after receiving threats from their harassers), clearly has the truth on their side and they know it.
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  17. Nicki basically offering a Cameo…
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