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Nicki Minaj - Embarrassment

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. That interview preview was very hard to watch, I'm completely done with Nicki
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  2. That preview video is pretty much the entire interview give or take a few sentences. The Real has uploaded it now in 3 tweets:

  3. So her Swole Balls antics ended up spotlighting her bigger issue instead of overshadowing it. Nicki...
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  4. When you do dangerous biohazard clownery...
    (™ @Applause)
  5. Whew that was hard to watch. Good on The Real for taking it on.
  6. That was really tough to watch. Jennifer is incredibly brave for coming forward like this.
  7. She is deranged oh my God...
  8. Yea, that was really hard to watch. Her emotion right from the beginning got me immediately. It's clear she's been living in fear for a long time, and I can't even imagine the moment she found out that Nicki Minaj was going to marry the man who assaulted her. I'm glad she found the courage to go public and expose their threats. I just don't get how Nicki let herself get caught up in this over some piece of shit man. It's baffling enough that she married him, but taking the threats to the level that they did and risking her entire reputation to try to cover up what he did is so confusing to me. Like I said when the story broke, she and Ken deserve whatever comes their way for this. I feel gutted that someone whose work I respect and love so much has stooped so low.
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  9. Nicki and her man can rot
  10. She's just a despicable human.
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  11. That's not the entire interview that was shown on TV earlier
  12. It’s kind of ironic considering the way she went after Cardi when she went after the women Offset had cheated on her with. Like, dedicated an entire broadcast of Queen Radio to the subject. But, honestly, this isn’t even the first time we hear about Nicki acting like this behind the scenes. Everyone she’s ever had beef with has shared similar stories of her threatening and all this other wild shit. I think this is the first time she really got caught out here red handed, though, and the picture is very ugly. She and “Zoo” truly deserve each other.
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  13. Nicki and her husband (he especially) are deplorable human beings. That's all that can be said. Jennifer is beyond courageous for speaking her truth so publicly, I really hope she has a good support system around her during this time. It's clear that what that man did to her has taken years off her life, years she'll never get back.

    I truly hope she gets the justice she deserve. Her tears really hit me.
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  14. The depths that she went to is truly despicable. I’m not shocked considering her gleefully defending every sexual predator that comes within a mile of her, but it’s wild that she’s so willing to destroy her reputation over this man.
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  15. Could she ever redeem herself or is she passed the point of no return???
  16. I think the question is would she ever redeem herself, and the answer is no, because the Barbz will defend her to the death (some of them literally) no matter what, so she'll always have an audience, and she has no conscience.
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  17. The Barbz on twitter are not coping well but there's been more and more just outright saying this isn't okay at all, of course you've got the loons there who won't ever admit to anything but seems like this interview was the breaking point for a lot of people.
  18. Jezebel wrote an article about Nicki's feud with the press. It's a good read.
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  19. Thinking about the time she said how important a collab with Bey and Rihanna would be for Black women. A joke.
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  20. Thank you for the heads up. I finally found the full one for those interested:

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