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Nicki Minaj - Embarrassment

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 10, 2021.

  1. As a fan, I now find everything about her endlessly depressing, disappointing or/and infuriating. She really wants to take this to a point of no return.

    I'm glad she refused to work with Lil Nas X. Her messy ass would have find a way to taint Montero's flawless campaign.
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  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    She is so brave.

    I hate how people say how victims of assault or abuse are called "opportunity seekers". What opportunity lies ahead but scrutiny, defamation, and complete character assassination? To stand valiant against those that have tried to destroy you is incredible bravery. It breaks my heart that she has to relive her pain on a public stage to have even just one person acknowledge her pain. To be assaulted is to have a piece of you stolen. A part of you that you cry over endlessly because you can never turn the clock back and keep it from happening. A moment that you wish you could erase but it instead plays over and over when you're asked to be present when all you want to do is forget.

    I stand with her. Her testimony is necessary now and I hope it negatively affects every little last thing about Nicki. What a disgusting thing she's proven to be.
  3. Jennifer’s interview had me bawling, oh my god.

    As a rape survivor, coming forward is literally the scariest thing in the world to do. The victim-blaming, slut-shaming, and constant re-triggering is enough to make you want to hide away from the world forever. I can only imagine having the courage to still publicly discuss one of the most traumatic events you could go through despite being repeatedly harassed by a heinous celebrity and her heinous fanbase.

    I hope Jennifer eventually finds some sort of inner peace throughout all of this, and I hope that Nicki and Kenneth rot.
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  4. +harass his victim, lie to the public about the victim:

    And is now liking tweets like this amidst the backlash:
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  5. I mean we all kii'd when her European nightmare / tour was around and all that, all in good 'faith' and with lolz.
    But this is something else. I cannot comprehend the crimes she and he both committed. I hope justice is served.
  6. Serious credit to The Real for giving this airtime and allowing this woman to tell her story. It's insane to me how many media sites have completely ignored this story and continued to give Nicki a pass, even with the anti-vax stuff.
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  7. Beyond all the jokes we make about Nicki these days, I sincerely hope justice is served to both Nicki and her husband. It is unfathomable that her cult is still supporting her through all this.
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  8. Of aaaaaall the men in the world, in celeb cicles, entertainment, sports, Barbz, that huge pool she coul've chosen a man from...
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  9. I knew love is blind... Also, in this case love is also very stupid, dumb and idiotic.
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  10. Jennifer’s interview was so hard to watch. She is an extremely brave woman for speaking about what happened and not letting herself be silenced by intimidation tactics.

    I hope for her own peace that both Nicki and her husband face the necessary consequences for their awful actions.
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  11. Love? Maybe. Nicki? Definitely.
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  12. Yeah, just a heads up, Jennifer goes into explicit detail about her assault in the full interview. It's hard to watch.
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  13. So she's just... pretending nothing is happening?

    I'm wondering if these allegations will actually affect her work / deals at some point (Elton John collab, HBOMax doc, etc.) but it seems like everyone is sort of ignoring it.
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  14. The new thread title is giving me "Discouragement." We should be so lucky.
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  15. It's giving its giving

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  16. She's trying on her prison flip flops.
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  17. I'd imagine there are talks behind the scenes on how to approach it all. I'm sure it'll all catch up to her but it'll take a minute.

    And of course she's acting like nothing is happening. She doesn't think any of this is an issue.
  18. It’s actually pretty disheartening to see both her peers and the mainstream media just bury their head in the sand over this and pretend it’s not there.

    Nicki being an awful person is nothing new but this entire saga is quite truly disgusting and a new low for her. I hope the only takeaway will be Jennifer finding the justice and peace she deserves.
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  19. RMK


    It's possible that some people are waiting for the dust to settle. In less than two weeks she's set off misinformation regarding the vaccine and been exposed for this, so who knows what else is coming.

    It's unfortunate that she'll probably get away with a lot, but the damages will definitely be seen in small ways over time. Less endorsements and high profile collaborations, I'm sure. Ariana won't touch her anymore.
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