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Nicki Minaj - Megatron + Retirement

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. This is a lot. It's getting tiring defending her and trying to support her when she pulls things like this.
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  2. God, I hate her so much.
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  3. There hasn't been anything worth defending for quite some time sis.
  4. The Barbz not knowing what it means to update an app. Her threatening people on social media. I can't.
  5. Fuck.
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  6. Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 21.26.32.png

    'he told me he could tell that you were really hoping he was gay in real life'

    'dope song'

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  7. She’s so gross.
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  8. Imagine being sexually attracted to 6ix9ine though

  9. Okay maybe that was fake?

    I try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I'm probably an empath to a fault because I can imagine being in her situation in the industry with the whole Cardi situation. I obviously don't mean the whole boyfriend/6ix9ine/miscellaneous problematic behaviour saga.
  10. Who would've expected this from the "switching like sissies" hitmaker*?

    *citation needed
  11. How.
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  12. The icon in the top right of messages isn't a video chat one.
  13. There's really no reason to believe it's fake. That's exactly how Nicki has always acted when she's mad. None of this is really the least bit surprising, honestly. But it's... sad. She should be celebrating her success unbothered but she continues to do the most over any stupid comment that anyone makes about her. Threatening that her murderer boyfriend is going to break someone's jaw is not fucking it. Though, I'm long past the point of expecting better from her. She's going to continue to let this shit overshadow her (mostly) excellent music. She's her own worst enemy.
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  14. Also there's the video.
  15. Me, trying to stay out of this thread but also wanna know what mess miss chun li has got herself into now

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  16. Look at her jumping immediately to homophobia and threatening to have her murderer boyfriend off someone and their family.

    Honestly, she and her braindead fans deserve each other.

    *plays Shether*
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  17. Isn't it switch like faggots?
  18. The female rap game is so rich and diverse, and there's been a big surge in break out female rappers lately. I'm not sure where Nicki fits in. She feels so redundant in 2019.

    She spent her last album campaign shitting on her own legacy, so now what?
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