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Nicki Minaj - Megatron + Retirement

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Sometimes Wendy makes it so hard to dislike her...
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  2. Is Nicki aware the Harriet biopic she seems to be so desperately campaigning to be in already came out?
  3. Didn't you know she's in the trailer:
  4. From a new interview with her main engineer:

    We probably won't be getting new solo music for a while. I think now would be a great time for her to relax a little and focus on herself/family. Since she's debuted, she's never really had an extended break from working.
  5. I’m so addicted to Tusa.

    It’s sort of smashing in Latin America, isn’t it?

    #14 on Spotify Global!
  6. What are some ballads on Queen?
  7. Good Form!
  8. ...why do you want ballads from Nicki?
  9. Come See About Me and maybe Run & Hide.
  10. Grand Piano is amazing!
  11. I heard that Adele was going to release 25 in 2014 but when she heard Grand Piano she was so shook that she pushed back a year. The girls weren’t ready for Nicki Houston.
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  12. Nip Tuck is great. Come See About Me belongs on a direct-to-DVD Disney sequel soundtrack, not a Nicki Minaj album.
  13. I know it’s an unpopular opinion but Pills N Potions is one of my favorite Nicki ballads
  14. Her verses on Pills N Potions are great, the song just goes on too long (an issue with most of her ballads). I like her verses on Bed Of Lies, too, but the chorus is horrendous and makes it impossible to listen to.
  15. Oh Bed of Lies is awful. I still can’t believe it made it to the album (well, I can, but still)
  16. The Crying Game is the best Nicki ballad I would say, yes? All Things Go is also strong.

    RIP that.
  17. The fact that she was performing Bed Of Lies all over the place when The Crying Game was right there...
  18. Is Skylar Grey the most boring pop act of all time? Inquiring minds would like to know.
  19. This one is excellent.

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  20. Not when Louis Tomlinson or Liam Payne exist!
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