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Nicki Minaj - Megatron + Retirement

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Ddddd poor Skylar. She’s got a great voice and some truly wonderful songs to her name, but then there’s shit like Bed of Lies and C’mon Let Me Ride
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  2. Every time I think Skylar has finally fucked off she reappears on some terrible collab or Billboard article that somehow finds its way to me. Sis has to have dirt on someone because that's the only explanation.
  3. Introduced me to the incredible Jessie Ware... best thing to come from Nicki for me, is Jessie
  4. Va Va Voom is a great ballad.
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  5. I'm waiting for someone to do it as a ballad on The Voice, honestly
  6. Honestly a harrowing lyric about found cut
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  7. Just met a boy, just met a boy when
    He can come inside of my playpen
    'Cause he look like a superstar in the making
    So I think that I'm going in for the taking
    Hear through the grapevine that he's cakin'
    We can shoot a movie he can do the tapin'
    Boom boom pow, this thing be shakin'
    I ain't even tryna find out who he datin'

  8. She's being honored at Billboard's Women in Music event with the Game Changer award this week for being the first woman to score 100 Hot 100 entries. She's been... frustrating the past few years. But at the end of the decade, it's pretty insane to look back on her output and how much she accomplished/how many doors she's broken down. Just this week she became the first female rapper (and third woman ever) to pass 15 Billion streams on Spotify.
  9. Her new management have done well to book such an award at this stage.

    RE: Bed of Lies, yes - it’s atrocious. I say this as someone who adores basically everything else on The Pinkprint. I deleted it on release week and I think I’ve listened to it all of about 5 times since.
  10. I was just thinking earlier about how awful Bed of Lies is. "Do you ever think of me when you lie, lie down in your bed, your bed of lies" is a damn humiliating lyric.
  11. Not only that but that it was clearly meant to launch the album. A complete misfire.
  12. Sis.
  13. ? It is a fact she got new management.
    Got rid of her old team after the fiasco that was the European tour of Queen.
    Hence Megatron's nice little roll-out (shame the song wasn't it but alas).

    Unless you were implying her management had nothing to do with the award, which I find hard to believe given that she's pretty much non-existent in the general conversation right now. There has to be some degree of lobbying.

  14. Y'all talking about ballands and not mentioning this emotional jam

  15. I actually didn't see the ballad discussion on the last page.
    I unashamedly adore her ballads, Grand Piano & Pills N Potions are two of my favourite Nicki songs for sure (really, all of them are bar Come See About Me & Marilyn Monroe).

    It does annoy me that she improved her voice so much just to mess it up with weed smoking.
    Come See About Me might have been a little better otherwise.
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  16. I'm implying Nicki + management = kii
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  17. Nñn well, you're not too off the mark there.
    I'd say there's a clear difference in her interaction with them this year though.
    With her old team she'd never have pulled out of that Saudi Arabia show.

    If she was actually readying a project, she'd be in good hands.
    Though based on a recent interview with her engineer, it looks like she's given up for the time being.
  18. I'm okay with her having a year off. Let Meghan, Lizzo and the rest enjoy their time, and come back when you're been missed.
  19. It was a very telling interview. Apparently each time she'd go to the studio for the Queen sessions she'd have to wait a few hours to get in the zone (as opposed to The Pinkprint where she was very inspired).

    I'm thinking she might be gone longer than a year, I'm assuming she's wanting to have a baby as soon as possible. It lessens the chance of any proper commercial comeback but if she's uninspired there's just no point coming back with sub-par material.
  20. RMK


    I really liked the Queen album, and it doesn't feel uninspired at all. Output wasn't the problem with that era.

    Thinking about it, it definitely feels like the Pinkprint and Queen suffer the same problem of having too many songs for no reason.
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