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Nicki Minaj - Megatron + Retirement

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. The verses are pretty good but that attempt at a chorus...the nails on a chalkboard of it all.
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  2. It’s all very: Hey kids, alcohol is fun!
  3. Why is it called Megatron?
    Why are the visuals the same old shit she always does?
    Why is she like this?
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  4. I couldn't listen it all the way through.

    The ratatatatat hook grated on me, it hurt my head.
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  5. Same. This’ll go off in the clubs.
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  6. I like it dd
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  7. As if they'll be playing it in the clubs, please
  8. Why wouldn’t they?
  9. Literally the gays if any DJ tries to play this song:
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  10. I mean... meh.
  11. I came in here to say "wow i love this," but then I got about 0:32 seconds in and that's just not true.
  12. Won't have wifi for a few days so I'll avoid this. Not that I'm tempted anyway considering the opinion of those with taste.
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  13. I wish she had utilized the robot/sci-fi theme suggested by the title. This is more of the same we've always gotten from her, although it's still pretty good.
  14. Not as bad as Barbie Dreams, but her lipsync at the beginning of the video once again looks like it's only the second time she's heard the song.

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  15. It's made it to #1 on US iTunes. Will be interesting to see how it does on Spotify.
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  16. Itty bitty waist so tight it literally bends the walls:

  17. I like it! Screw the haterz.
  18. Ddddd she probably let her boyfriend edit the video.
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  19. Her new team is handling it very well. It’s on the top spot on the popular playlists on Apple Music, there’s merchandise, and they’re handling her social media very well. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but her releases have always been messy. This is probably the best release strategy she’s ever had.

    I like the song.
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  20. The merch looks good, the text etc
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