Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday 2 + Tour

This is great, what's the issue? And I still think she's going to drop something more "classic" Nicki before the album unless this really takes off.
There is nothing essentially wrong but it feels so basic and mid. Maybe it will grow on me after few more listens.
Same energy as Pills N Potions and I found that disappointing when it dropped. I quite the lyrics though, the vulnerability is always nice to see in Nicki’s music but I’m not sure it’s single material.
I agree that it is not lead single material but it's great to see a vulnerable moment from her if it's supposed to cleanse things before starting the era properly. It's also one of the best things she's done in a few years, so it makes sense.
Yeah, this is my favourite thing she’s done in a very long time. So as a lead, I think it’s done what it needs to and reinvigorated my interest in her.

I’d gladly take an album of more of this.
I really like it and it’s probably one of the best singing deliveries Nicki’s done but I do feel like it’s a bit…disjointed? Almost like a group of good melodic ideas that don’t quite take the song anywhere. But I do really like it!!
He / Him / His
I feel like the beat is the best part of this so the more stripped-back end section doesn’t entirely stick the landing for me but I agree, this is pretty great.

Obviously it doesn’t reach the career high that was ‘Chun-Li’ but it’s probably her second best lead single for me and feels a lot more successful at offering a change of pace than either ‘Your Love’ or ‘Pills N Potions’ did.