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Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. LJB


    Yes but I don't think he's flamboyant or camp. Roman seems like an angry person most deserved the hard hip-hop tracks.

    His sexuality has no baring on the character, really.
  2. This album is crap, all of the dance tracks have that horrible 'drop' from Starships but somehow it's been made even more atrocious and headache inducing.
  3. To be fair to her, the one thing I respect is that even here, she's not saying she just wants to be a female rapper; she's stating that she's multi-talented. The talented bit is of course open to debate, but it shows at least that from the get-go, she's wanted to dip her toes in all sorts of different genres and forms. Kind of explains the schizophrenia of this album, really.
  4. Is there a sample in Va Va Voom - I can hear something but can't identify it, if it's actually there that is!
  5. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Paris Latino?
  6. Predicted to sell around 200-220k in the US this week. Pretty good!
  7. Worse than her debut though.
  8. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    And she had more going for her this time around.
  9. I'm pretty sure her debut's numbers last time were from having a strong urban backing but also the actual release time of the album was more in her favor.

    Oh Nicki. Hope it picks up.
  10. Ya just read an "article" on ThatFlopJuice about it. They did make some good points though. Like she has much more exposure and the singles are performing better. I think this will outsell it by far in the long run though. She has at least 8 singles that have potential. Right By Your Side should be big too I think. I actually love it. Especially the first verse.
  11. I don't get how Roman can be both gay and into rap without ever wanting to duet with Khia. Madness.
    Beez In The Trap's line about biscuits would have benefited from Khia going on about her cookies. A missed op.
  12. Well, in all fairness, Pink Friday was out during Black Friday week.

    And, let's face it, the songs she decided to release in anticipation of the album were far from the best she could have chosen. At least Starships is doing okay for itself!
  13. Just counted 14 Nicki songs in the iTunes top 100 (including collaborations). Fucking hell thats impressive.
  14. I thought she'd be on far more than that. I wasn't expecting Drake numbers, but probably around 400k.
  15. Erm, why? Because all gays love terrible, generic, underwritten dance songs?
  16. As a unit of work, it's weaker than her first.

    But it's got a higher number of great rap songs, and the pop tracks are thoroughly entertaining.

    She still hasn't got it quite right. But she's so close.
  17. Outside of like 6 songs, Pink Friday was forgettable for me, so I actually prefer this album on the virtue of it including more rap songs and cutting back on the number of mediocre light R&B songs. Though I concede that her debut probably worked better as a cohesive album than this does.
  18. For me, the list of great rap songs from each album are as follows, though obviously the definition of rap is a little hazy in places.

    Roman's Revenge
    Did It On Em
    Blow Your Mind
    Wave Ya Hand
    Here I Am
    I'm The Best
    Super Bass


    Roman Holiday
    Come On A Cone
    I Am Your Leader
    HOV Lane
    Roman Reloaded

    I think the further list outpaces the latter not just in volume but quality.

    Also, Save Me DESTROYS Fire Burns, Marylin Monroe and Young Forever combined.
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