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Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Aww, Nicki blocked her biggest fansite (NickiDaily) on Twitter for releasing the sampler.
  2. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I really need a long preview of 'Roman Holiday' to make up my mind about it.

    Edit: Or the full song. *Slaps self for being stupidly post-modern and asking for a long preview.*
  3. Roman Holiday is officially her best song, and you will all just have to deal.
  4. Automatic sounds good — surprised by how much 90's Euro dance there is on there. Holy shit. And they all have a lot of potential.
  5. Where are you all listening to this? I'd go back a few pages but your positive opinions are scaring me.
  6. I love Roman Holiday. Why can't all her 'rap' songs have proper choruses and great production like this?
  7. I can't find the sampler!
  8. Never been of Nicki but the album sampler sounds really good starting from Starships to the end..

    First 9 tracks which are very rap I dont like that much, but at there are enough songs to make a decent 12 track album! Cant wait :)
  9. I actually like this album pretty much! One song even reminded me of Wonders by The Sound Of Arrows, I think it was Whip It.
  10. The pop tracks weird me out. They sound like Vengaboys 2012/Pump It Up music.
  11. Some of it sounds good, but overall it's very samey. I won't fully judge until I heard the full thing.
  12. Va Va Voom sounds beautifully generic. I wonder if it'll become the new Super Bass?
  13. An album of two halves then.

    I would prefer more rap, but I'm still excited.
  14. Roman Holiday doesn't translate well into a studio version. The mixing sounds off.
    Come On A Cone is the stuff she would make when she was a nobody. Not here for that.
    I Am Your Leader is alright.
    Beez In The Trap sounds like a really bad Kreayshawn & V-Nasty song.
    HOV Lane... is cute.
    Roman Reloaded is still stupid and pointless.
    Champion is... random?
    Right By My Side is nice, but it's nothing new or special.
    Same goes for Sex in The Lounge.
    All that actually made Starships sound fresh.
    Pound The Alarm is really bad though. It's like Starships' even gayer cousin.
    Whip It sounds like way too eurotrashy.
    Automatic is nice but doesn't touch Starship's catchiness.
    Beautiful Sinner is even more eurotrashy, wow.
    Marilyn Monroe and Young Forever are shockingly good.
    Fire Buns, Gun Shot, and Stupid Hoe are all just... there.
    Turn Me On and Va Va Vroom sound like the exact same song.
    Masquerade sounds like a bad Katy Perry reject.

    It's like she's disjointed from wanting to be every other popstar possible.
  15. The first six tracks are making me so wwet. RAP NICKI PLEASE COME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE THANKS.

    Nothing else really made me too excited. 'Dance' and 'Pop' Nicki could be done better by about 10302540250 other acts so I'm not too bothered. I mean I can't even listen to the Dr. Luke tracks without hearing Britney. I suppose it's nice if that's what you started liking Nicki for, but her pop stuff never really grabbed me like her rap does.
  16. Like a good 7/8 tracks could be cut from this album, the ones that don't really do anything and are filler like.

    Quite suprised how good this actually sounds. I was determined that this would turn out to be like Pink Friday with a few good songs mixed in with a bunch of fillers.

    I'm shocked at how good the RedOne tracks are! I can see them all being singles at some point. Damn Nicki, you could have so many singles from this album! I wouldn't be suprised if we get a load of double singles this era.

    Va Va Voom doesn't sound as good as I thought it would, they definately chose the better dance track to head the album with.
  17. I love Come On a Cone and HOV Lane, and all the RedOne tracks, naturally.
  18. This album has fucking everything. Rap/Pop/Dance Nicki are all present and some it just sounds absolutely bonkers in the best possible way!
  19. Awful awful awful.

    What are the RedOne tracks even doing on this album? I admit Pound The Alarm sounds great but come on.

    And yet the rap stuff is even worse. Where's Swizz Beatz?
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