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Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Look up one post..
  2. Disappointed I just bought a car and can't splash out on tickets.
  3. i love the full "young forever" such a great song.
  4. Roman Holiday and Come On A Cone sound so amazing.

    Definitely the Romans Revenge and Did It On Em of this album.

    Stupid Hoe remains amazing.
  5. Thanks, was on my phone and didn't see it until I posted.

    Stupid Hoe sounds so much better in the context of the album sampler.
  6. BTG


    I still need Roman Holiday ft. Angela Lansbury.
  7. There's some dishwater songs in there but I'd say 10+ solid tracks from the previews.

    It's obviously top heavy.
  8. I really don't know why she picked Starships as the lead single when she had Pound The Alarm. The only reason I can think of is she didn't want something totally safe and at least Starships has that 'hot mess' thing going for it.

    Automatic really sounds like something from 'The Fame'.
  9. This sounds amazing. Can't wait to hear it in full! I was scared she would be going too pop or commercial, but I think there's the right mix of pop/dance/rap
  10. I kind of wish it was either 2 discs or 2 separate releases.
  11. For the first few seconds of the Pound The Alarm snippet, I thought it was going to have a "Du Hast" sample or something...
  12. I love it from around a third through when it gets dancey and melodic, the more traditional rap tracks might grow on me when I get the album.
  13. I'm glad she has basically just done a Kelly Rowland and catered to everyone.
  14. Why does everything Drake touches sound amazing? I found myself really enjoying Champion and then remembered I was listening to a Nicki sampler.

    Pleasantly surprised! The only tracks that sound shit are HOV Lane, Sex in the Lounge, Whip It, Young Forever, Fire Burns and Gun Shot. Which for a 19 track album isn't bad.

    I'm back on board Nicki.
  15. Oh can Chris Brown just FUCK OFF.
  16. Agreed. I wish I could masking tape his mouth, he is such a twat.
  17. I also agree. It wouldn't be so bad if his music/singing was actually any good but as it stands he is the troll of the Billboard Hot 100.
  18. You are all missing my main point, why are Digitalspy claiming it to be on US iTunes, when it is not. I mean I know they're not the number one source of reliable information in the world, but they could sort that out in a second.
  19. Beez in the trap.... Wtf, this is just shite.
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