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Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. What is "Press Conference"?
  2. If only this was the album cover! No fonts, Teenage Dream style.
  3. I fully support that.
  4. I am looking at something like:

    1. Roman Holiday
    2. Pound the Alarm
    3. Whip It
    4. Va Va Voom
    5. Beez in the Trap
    6. Automatic
    7. Stupid Hoe
    8. I Am Your Leader
    9. HOV Lane
    10. Masquerade
    11. Starships
    12. Roman Reloaded

    I'm a little unsure about the ending.
  5. I kind of miss "DJ COCO BRING THAT SHIT ON!" at the end of Young Forever. It kind of gave that final chorus more punch lmao

    I'm already in love with this album more than Pink Friday.
  6. Well, they're not good generic dance music, so that's the main issue.
  7. That's the theme of this album.
  8. I find Va Va Voom and Whip It to be quite enjoyable. To each their own though.
  9. I actually really enjoyed that!
  10. Dag


    I'm pretty sure that's a parody.
  11. She really doesn't know how to perform the dance thing does she?
  12. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Guest

    My ideal tracklisting:

    1. Roman Reloaded
    2. Beez in the Trap
    3. Right By My Side
    4. Sex in the Lounge
    5. Starships
    6. Pound the Alarm
    7. Whip It
    8. Turn Me On
    9. Va Va Voom
    10. Marilyn Monroe
    11. Young Forever
  13. Oh my God. She was literally not even trying to pretend she was singing the chorus. Why not? She can sing.
  14. So awful. She has the stage presence of a goat.
  15. She's got bucket loads of stage presence when she's performing as a rapper.

    I wish she would stop trying to be a popstar, and just accept that her calling in life is to make amazing diss songs.
  16. Holy fucking hell. The full version of Pound The Alarm did NOT disappoint. That rap, middle 8, final chorus drop - amazing! And so much better than Starships.
  17. Can she sing?
  18. "Nicki Pop?... The only thing that's Pop is my endorsement op"

    "... L.O.L jk, and the entire second half of my new album"

    Although I admittedly love Pound The Alarm and Whip It (and maybe Starships, sometimes), I really feel like they don't have any place on this album. She should have saved them and used them on another project.

    I know everyone is sick of alternative track listings now, but it should have been:


    1. Roman Holiday
    2. Roman In Moscow
    3. Come On A Cone
    4. I Am Your Leader
    5. Roman Reloaded
    6. HOV LAne
    7. Beez In The Trap
    8. Stupid Hoe

    It wouldn't have been for everyone, and not commercially viable at all. But what a statement it would have been.
  19. I can't wait to get this on Monday (hopefully, if Amazon are nice, I don't like how everyones already got it!

    Haaha that performance is just awful. I wish artists wouldn't do songs they can't do live, its embarrassing.
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