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Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Literally! It was like some cheapo MadTV production.

    She had the glazed over smile of jaded children's entertainer, grinning like a fool for the Summer camp kids in the crowd but in reality just panicking that it's been over an hour since their last bump of coke.
  2. I loved that.

    Nicki - "J-lo, Imma need you to scoot over"

    J-lo- "There's enough room for the two of us here!"

    Nicki - "haha no there ain't!"

    *may have eggagerated it a bit, but that's the gist.
  3. Damnit that performance ruined my Nicki Minaj high...
  4. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    OK I am obsessed with this album now!

    I love the rap / slow stuff as much as I love the Coco Jumbo ones.

    Was her debut as good?
    I only listened to the singles.

    I am looking for tickets to her tour right now.
    Who knew?
  5. The look on JLo's face, she was about to go Jenny From The Block on Nicki's plastic ass.
    Ryan - "That was fun..."
    "A guest judge here?..." *sips tea*
  6. 'Roman's Revenge' + 'Did It On'Em' + 'Girls Fall Like Dominoes' + 'Super Bass' + 'Blow Ya Mind' + 'Muny' + 'Wave Ya Hand' + 'Catch Me' are what you need.
  7. So frustrating to see this isn't out in Ireland until Monday. I need to hear Roman Holiday! I didn't even realise it wasn't out on normal release day until I checked Itunes, how depressing...
  8. + 'I'm The Best' and 'Here I A,'
  9. That performance was dreadful. She doesn't dance or sing properly... and looked like a full-on drag queen. I swear she's the only person I've heard rap out of tune as well.

    That being said, I really like the deluxe tracks. Could have easily replaced "Sex In The Lounge" and "Beautiful Sinner" on the main album.
  10. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    She is a horrible live performer.
  11. I'm not watching that performance in case it kills my excitement for seeing her live. Starships is a hot mess of a song so I suppose it wouldn't surprise me if the performances followed suit.
  12. Her Grammys performance absolves her of all her other performing crimes, in my eyes.
  13. I'm in love with Va Va Voom. Not only does it include all of the elements that make Nicki great, it also is very radio friendly and not annoying at all after repeated listens!
  14. I can't put my finger on what va va voom sounds like...
  15. Pound the Alarm needs to be number 1 for approximately five years.
  16. Good god, Whip It and Va Va Voom are better than most artist's discographies.

    I'm listening for the first ever time right now. EXCITING.
  17. Come on a Cone, Pound The Alarm and Whip It are amazing.

    Pound the Alarm and Whip It are RedOne tracks, right? He never did lose it, did he? Genious.
  18. I really need to give tracks 14-18 a listen but I can't stop listening to the other songs. Beautiful Sinner is a bit crap, isn't it?

    I actually love all the rap tracks but I think HOV Lane was a bit disappointment compared with the snippet.
  19. I'm actually quite suprised just how good the RedOne tracks are. It prooves that when he actually tries, RedOne can make a mean song. If only he did it for all of the songs he produces and didn't just slop half of them together!
  20. The melody and instrumental of Gun Shot are cute, but the rest of it is vile.
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