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Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Oh god Gun Shot really sounds like Price Tag.

    I've put the album in 3 parts

    1. Urban
    2. Mediocre samey dance
    3. Shit at the end.

    Gun Shot definitely is in part 3.
  2. In true unpopular opinion-Zo style:

    Pound The Alarm is....underwhelming? I expected so much more from the snippet. The rest of the song bar the drop is mediocre. But it's alright, because Whip It comes along straight after to make everything alright again.

    So, my faves are Come On A Cone, Roman Reloaded (h8ers 2 da left), Starships, Whip It, Turn Me On and Va Va Voom.

    It's a 3.5/5album, that's the way I'm seeing it. There were less "holy wow" moments than the snippets would have me fooled into thinking there were. It's an improvement on the terrible blandness of most of Pink Friday, but I'm still unsure as to whether this is enough to really propel her into the leagues of the big pop girls.

    I'm not even that bothered about the schizophrenic nature of the genre shifts...just, y'know, try and get each of the genres right more than once or twice. Too much miss, not enough hit.
  3. I like Va Va Voom and I know it was supposed to be a single but it's not even on the standard album so I'm not sure if it will get a release. I think Young Forever is a worldwide hit waiting to happen and easily the best song on this album. It's fun, catchy as hell and radio will play it to death. The rest of the album is a bit crap really.
  4. I just have to thank everyone involved with Stupid Hoe.

    3 months later and I love it more every day. Heaven.
  5. How is it vile? It's genuinely affecting and emotional. I love it.

    And dylbop, PRICE TAG? What the fuck is wrong with your ears?
  6. Are you serious haha. I hate Jessie J so much but I just can't hear anything else.

    Help me.
  7. I can't stand Beenie Man's voice, for a start.

    And then the whole equating island themed music with gun-crime hooha.
  8. ...What do you mean by the 2nd comment?
  9. I mean I'm fed up of the current crop of island-themed music (such as this and Man Down) having to use gun imagery/metaphors.

    Gang crime is a stigma people hold about places like Jamaica, and it's just kind of stupid to add further fuel to the fire. It's doing the genre a huge dis-service by resting on lazy imagery.
  10. I don't listen to Gun Shot because I kind of cant get past Beenie Man's "killing the gays" mantra he follows (or used to follow).
  11. Well gun imagery is something Nicki (and erm all hip hop artists) uses throughout her work (hi, Roman Reloaded!) so I think it's going a tad far to say that because she also uses it on an island-themed song (a genre she's experimented with in the past without using gun metaphors) that she's being stereotypical or whatever.

    It would be easier to argue this if I had any idea what she's actually saying (which makes how affecting it is even more impressive).
  12. 'Va Va Voom' is the best song on the album (sort of) and it should've been the lead single instead of fucking Starships.
  13. Dag


    Me too. Just Beenie Man and the title Gun Shot makes me sick.
  14. I still choose Starships as single #1, but Va Va Voom is an amazing 2nd single. It's like Super Bass, but better! It's got that cute-sy edge that Super had, but with an even huger chorus. I genuinely cannot think of a single reasonable explanation why Va Va would be a Deluxe track when the likes of fucking Sex In The Lounge pissed their way into the tracklist.
  15. It's obviously a bonus so when it becomes a smash hit, people will pick up the more expensive version of the album.

    Personally, I don't like Va Va Voom, similar to how Super Bass only has 8 plays in my iTunes.
  16. Hey, I like Sex In The Lounge! It doesn't really feel like a Nicki song though.
  17. I like Gun Shot so much - I even like Beenie Man's vocals.
  18. The chorus of Roman Holiday sounds like Mrs Potts the tea pot from Beauty and the Beast. Anybody else? Just me?
  19. Now me too, dammit. Thanks.

    Not sure if anyone else hears it, but I hear "Gucci Gucci" in "Beez in the Trap's" chorus hook.
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