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Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I think it's fair to say that the first 6 tracks and Stupid Hoe are all "Roman" and follow the original brief for the album.
  2. In regard to Dial 999's post and the whole Roman in Moscow issue, I was always under the impression that Roman was actually Russian, not American.

    I'm trying to find something concrete about why I thought this, and I have found a couple of articles that says he hails from Russia, but can't find anything official.
  3. The bad reviews are unfair and not based on the actual quality of songs, at least 65% of them are amazing. They're just bitching because some of it's dance. Nicki probably should have made more of the Roman character, it seems like she thought it was a really good idea when she first thought of it, then couldn't be arsed to follow it through, maybe because it was more difficult than she thought to make it into good music.
  4. He's British. Hence the accent for the 'go get my barrettes' line.
  5. I just assumed that he was British (what with Martha being his mother) and was sent off to boarding school (that's where he's supposed to be in Moment 4 Life) in Moscow.
  6. My only major complaint beyond there being about 6-8 unnecessary songs on here is that not much is made of the Roman character. I wanted more songs that go as hard as Roman's Revenge and we get that from tracks like Stupid Hoe, HOV Lane, and Roman Reloaded, but it's not enough. Anyway, my ideal tracklisting is:

    Roman in Moscow
    Come on a Cone
    Stupid Hoe
    Beez in the Trap
    HOV Lane
    Pound the Alarm
    Whip It
    Va Va Voom
    Roman Reloaded
    Roman Holiday
    Gun Shot
  7. For all the talk there is about him, the character of Roman never really has amounted to anything much. The Grammys performance presented an opportunity to turn the persona into something more substantial, and with a message, but that seems to have been a fluke. It's not like you can even tell the difference between Nicki and Roman nine out of ten times anyway - what's he ever said that she wouldn't?

    Roman's Revenge - Nicki dragging Kim.
    Roman In Moscow - Nicki saying she's back.
    Roman Reloaded - Nicki bragging about her achievements.

    Only Holiday presents an actual character, but even then "he's" just boasting about being the best for the most part. The less said about Martha and that cringeworthy amateur comedy routine at the start of Moment 4 Life the better.

    Barbie, Nicki Lewinsky (where the fuck did she go?), Roman, Nicki, Onika - it's all the same really, isn't it? The only time her 'characters' have ever felt alive is when she was breathlessly switching between then on Monster. Hmmm, it's almost as if that's still her best verse to date or something...
  8. Wheras I agree with pretty much all of that, Nicki Lewinsky was actually a fully rounded character on the Sucka Free mixtape. For whatever reason the character has never been brought forwards since major label Nicki.
    Lewinsky was, as she said, her having Wayne as her mentor but being up there with him. She said Monica Lewinsky was dumb for fucking the most powerful man in the world and doing nothing with it. 'Nicki Lewinsky' was her sex character who was also a business woman (That phrase has lost so much post MDNA), and that goes throughout Sucka Free. Wayne played the President and throughout the mixtape she did sex raps whilst also making people aware she was on top of her game. Nicki Lewinsky was, in all fairness, her most rounded alter ... The baddest bitch. Then she featured with Trina and Lewinsky was never mentioned again :/
  9. Nicki Lewinsky was dropped because she was basically the "sex" persona (like how Roman is "violence"), and Nicki decided she didn't want to go down that route as an artist as much as she did on her mix tapes.
  10. To give her credit where it's due, I think that quite a lot of her Roman character material is almost on a par with the Monster verse. Almost.

    I think the difference with the Monster verse is that she had no expectations on her at the time. All she knew was that it was her real big break. She hadn't really formulated the character of Roman. In a sense, that verse was his birth. Although the verse is totally insane and her giving it her hardest, there's something so effortless about it because she hasn't built up the mythology around the character. I'm too tired to express what I'm trying to say properly, but I know what I mean.

    Ugh. I hate being too knackered to adequately psychoanalyse.
  11. I remember that quote around Pink Fridays release about wanting girls to have rap songs not about sex ... then we get 'Sex In The Lounge' and both Lil Waynes verses on RR.
  12. She also said she was done dressing provocatively and wanted to be a great rolemodel for young girls. It lasted one performance.
  13. In fairness, her point was that she didn't want to be known as a "sex rapper". One song (and another rapper making references to it) doesn't remove the fact that she does tend to not rap about how many licks it takes to get to the centre of her vagina.
  14. I think I see where you're coming from and agree that Monster was very a much a birth for her. Not least as no one expected her to show up Jay-Z and Kanye so spectacularly. But it was so exciting - the arrival such a fierce new presence. And while I was disappointed by the first Pink Friday there were enough flashes of brilliance to indicate Monster wasn't a one off (the second verse of Roman's Revenge - "overseas-church-Vatican!")

    But I never expected she could make an album as awful as this. Roman Holiday is the worst song I have heard all year. What is she playing at? Does she hate ears?
  15. Ever since A$$ she's been obsessed with 'giving brain' and how damn clean her pussy is!
  16. Roman Holiday has be to be one of the best female rap songs I have ever heard.
  17. I'll concede that I entirely forgot about A$$. That one's always perplexed me anyway. It's feels and sounds like a Roman verse, except for the repeated "pussy" references.

    (And she's getting brain. Not giving it!)
  18. Do we know how well this is anticipated to do first week?
  19. It's apparently at #1 in the midweeks in the UK.
  20. I didn't realize that Roman is British too? Oop.

    For my track listing let's assume that they moved to America following his stint in boarding school, thus explaining all the cameo appearances by American rappers. /sorted
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