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Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Nicki Lewinsky was dropped because she was basically the "sex" persona (like how Roman is "violence"), and Nicki decided she didn't want to go down that route as an artist as much as she did on her mix tapes.
  2. To give her credit where it's due, I think that quite a lot of her Roman character material is almost on a par with the Monster verse. Almost.

    I think the difference with the Monster verse is that she had no expectations on her at the time. All she knew was that it was her real big break. She hadn't really formulated the character of Roman. In a sense, that verse was his birth. Although the verse is totally insane and her giving it her hardest, there's something so effortless about it because she hasn't built up the mythology around the character. I'm too tired to express what I'm trying to say properly, but I know what I mean.

    Ugh. I hate being too knackered to adequately psychoanalyse.
  3. I remember that quote around Pink Fridays release about wanting girls to have rap songs not about sex ... then we get 'Sex In The Lounge' and both Lil Waynes verses on RR.
  4. She also said she was done dressing provocatively and wanted to be a great rolemodel for young girls. It lasted one performance.
  5. In fairness, her point was that she didn't want to be known as a "sex rapper". One song (and another rapper making references to it) doesn't remove the fact that she does tend to not rap about how many licks it takes to get to the centre of her vagina.
  6. I think I see where you're coming from and agree that Monster was very a much a birth for her. Not least as no one expected her to show up Jay-Z and Kanye so spectacularly. But it was so exciting - the arrival such a fierce new presence. And while I was disappointed by the first Pink Friday there were enough flashes of brilliance to indicate Monster wasn't a one off (the second verse of Roman's Revenge - "overseas-church-Vatican!")

    But I never expected she could make an album as awful as this. Roman Holiday is the worst song I have heard all year. What is she playing at? Does she hate ears?
  7. Ever since A$$ she's been obsessed with 'giving brain' and how damn clean her pussy is!
  8. Roman Holiday has be to be one of the best female rap songs I have ever heard.
  9. I'll concede that I entirely forgot about A$$. That one's always perplexed me anyway. It's feels and sounds like a Roman verse, except for the repeated "pussy" references.

    (And she's getting brain. Not giving it!)
  10. Do we know how well this is anticipated to do first week?
  11. It's apparently at #1 in the midweeks in the UK.
  12. I didn't realize that Roman is British too? Oop.

    For my track listing let's assume that they moved to America following his stint in boarding school, thus explaining all the cameo appearances by American rappers. /sorted
  13. Irregardless of A$$ we got 'Blow Ya Mind' on Pink Friday, the album for girls not needing to sing about their pussy (I'm almost sure the original quote had her saying she wouldn't mention 'pussy' around the time she started using 'step your cookies up' in opposed to 'step your pussy up'). Male chorus on about how hot she is, Nicki putting her pussy on your chinny chin chinny. And then comes RR.
  14. So I only listened to all the iTunes clips of the songs, and I remain fairly unphased. The only two songs that stuck out majorly were Come On a Cone for some of those ridiculous lyrics (I can't decide if I like them or not) and Pound the Alarm, which is batshit amazing.
  15. I keep trying to fault this album on all of it's weak points, but it's just so much fun.

    I can't stop playing the songs. And I'm not going to fight it.

    However, 'Sex In The Lounge' & 'Marilyn Monroe' are definitely not essential to the album. 'I Am Your Leader' (too many features) & 'Masquerade' (to a lesser extent)) are questionable. 'HOV Lane' keeps growing on me.
  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Sex in the Lounge hurts me. WHY NICKI?!
  17. Seriously? You need to listen to some Lauryn Hill or some shit because that is NOT anything terribly special.
  18. 'Gun Shot' is so breezy and summery its hard not to love it.
  19. I should have specified with the phrase 'giving brain'/'give me brain', rather than the act itself!
  20. How Many Licks was a bit much... my favourite Lil Kim one will always be Call Me (with Too Short) It sounds like something from Madonna's Erotica!

    I always thought Lil Kim was kind of a feminist in a weird way. I mean male rappers had been rapping about fucking bitches for years, why can't a female rapper rap about enjoying sex too? And at least she worked with all the other female rappers, it bothers me how Nicki will only ever record with male ones and constantly raps about hating all the other "rap bitches" etc.
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