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Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Woah, dodgy performances on the Today Show. Starships just wasn\'t made for live showings, and especially not in an empty TV studio. Not that Right By My Side was much better, way too much heavy backing track and Nicki looking lost. I did a sharp inhale when Matt Lauer (mis)quoted her as citing GaGa as an inspiration, but she batted it away with a fairly reasonable \"I don\'t really know GaGa...\".

    Is the Beez In The Trap video coming out tonight?
  2. T&C


    Been listening to this album for about a week now. I had gone off Nicki since the Grammys and \'Stupid Hoe\', but I was willing to give her a chance.

    There are some great tracks on this album. The first five or so I particularly like. Then it hits a bump with the schmaltzy hip hop songs she seemed to pull off better on her debut album. The dance section of the album is solid too. \'Starships\' remains a staple. Ultimately there doesn\'t seem to be much of an improvement from her debut album besides the size of her budget. I\'ll have to cherry pick this one.
  3. I can\'t stop listening to \'Whip It\', guys. It\'s turning into my favorite Nicki track (alongside \'Save Me\').

    It\'s just the perfect mix of rap and pop Nicki.
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Yay! I am so glad, Drew. That\'s my favorite track as well.
  5. Whip It is weird, it\'s literally just verse-chorus-verse-chorus and then done. The verses are silly but fun, and at least they make some attempt at rapping, even if some of it is re-hashed from a Cassie reject.

    In other news, the Beez In The Trap video is out. Spoiler Alert: Nothing much happens.
  6. I don\'t see how anyone who likes Nicki rapping could be disappointed with the first half of the album. It\'s really brilliant.
  7. The rapping parts are for me the best part of the album and the part I most return to. Outside of the first 7 tracks, the only thing else on it I bother with are Starships, Pound the Alarm, Whip it, Gun Shot and Stupid Hoe.
  8. I adore dance/pop Nicki and this album has really made me grow to love rap Nicki too, I\'ve got the chorus of Beez In The Trap stuck in my mother found it quite amusing. Also Whip It is epic but it irks me that it has no middle eight, it feels like it ends too quickly.
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  10. I tried but...

    I think it\'s the worst album released so far this year.

    Shoot. Me. Down.
  11. Good god, how irritating is that 2 Chainz man? I mean, I could forgive if he was like Big Sean, shit at rapping but good-looking....but no. \"OKAY NOW NICKI NICKI NICKI, PUT IT IN YOUR KITTY\" SHUT UPPPP. Other than that, the beat is still very much hot. I love that sparse-sounding production.

    I hope Lady is getting cheques for all these big-assed girls twerking!
  12. I like the video, apart from the slow motion close up black chubby ladys arse cheeks slapping together.
  13. Noooooo!!

    Two very similar usernames!!! I need my old one back!
  14. HAHAHA.

    You and your duplicate accounts, Itty...
  15. I\'m back!

    Beez In The Trap video is amazing! Nicki\'s ass is amazing! The Rolling Stone review for this is amazing! The new site is... well, it will be amazing once all the bugs have been fixed.
  16. What a dreadful video.
  17. 2 Chainz is bloody awful.

    I like the song though! Video could be better.
  18. I love the video, it\'s basically Mixtape Nicki.

    Except she has enough money to afford a green wig and expensive underwear this time around.
  19. This and the Stupid Hoe video are the only Nicki videos I\'ve cared for. Mixtape Nicki continues to deliver in all her trashy ass-tastic glory.
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