Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

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I think "Nicki Minaj makes weird noises" has just become my favorite YouTube video of 2012.

I just gave this 'EP' a listen, and I'd say it's her most consistent effort so far. That being said, I'll always prefer pop-Nicki (and I almost just typo-ed that as poop-Nicki...)

I do enjoy pop-Nicki as well.


I love her but apart from "Up In Flames", "Freedom" and "The Boys" the new songs are just a load of old noise.

Her best tracks are the ones where she combines catchy pop hooks with her inimitable rap style. She needs to go away and reinvent herself as the 2010s answer to Technotronic.

I keep saying she's Culture Beat covering Coco Jumbo - when she does her pop dance stuff!
No one listens.


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Apparently this is the demo of Starships:




The fact Starships was originally a Mohombi song says it all really.

This is actually a really good point. You're absolutely right, Nicki isn't a good business person, and the majority of music she's currently releasing isn't going to sustain her career at all.

Thanks. I can't ever seem to see the sense in turning your back on a community that helped her sell almost 400,000 copies of her first album in a week. Whoever let her go in this direction... mess. I think she's learning the hard way now. Like they said in that HOT97 snippet.
She seems stuck as she clearly doesn't want to be known as a pop star which is what she's spent the past year working on developing so is trying to go against that with the Re-Up and what she's saying at the minute but that is exactly what has helped her shift records this year and is most definitely how the woman managed to do a big arena tour in the UK. The fact that she now says she wants to have a more rap album for her third release frustrates me. The Re-Up has some brilliant moments namely Up In Flames and I'm Legit but it also has some pure trash on it. She really needs to get the balance of tracks like Va Va Voom and Up In Flames right, there is a place for both of them on her album.

Personally I think the Roman Reloaded album (although by no means perfect) actually does this quite well with the fact that the first half is rap and the second is dance pop. She gets stick from the rap community for selling out with tracks like Pound The Alarm and then doesn't get anything like a hit when she releases tracks like Freedom, it's hard for the woman to win.
She really is never going to win with the rap community, and as far as I'm concerned, she shouldn't try. They're never truly going to take her in as the artists she is, and they're never interested when she's the artist they want her to be, so she should just move on from them. I think she was closer than ever with Pink Friday in making a blend of her rap ferocity and pop sensibility, but she's strayed a bit and there's currently a divide between the two.

I think she still has it in her, she just needs to stop pleasing so many people. If she wants to do hip-hop, than she should be going at it 100%, not half-assing it and thinking "Will this work on radio?" And when it doesn't, she's going to give us another "Starships"... I'm not here for that.
Pink Friday is one of the best albums of the last 5 years, hands down. The only songs I don't love are Did It on'em and Check It Out. The rest is heaven and she really did get the formula right - rapped verses, sung choruses, good use of samples etc. Blazin and Your Love are my absolute favourites.

I love Starships too, it's great by trash pop standards, but that's not Nicki and she should leave RedOne and dubstep breakdowns well alone. She's definitely lost her way and this mess with the Re-Up has not helped matters.
'Freedom' is better than all of Roman Reloaded.

I don't know, I just feel like the way she's gone has gone too far for the rap community to fully embrace her again. There have to be repercussions of releasing 'Starships' and 'Pound The Alarm' to the world, going against the same community that made you big in the first place. It's a difficult one because some world argue sticking with the rap thing is preventing her from growing as an artist. But she successfully merged the two in 'Superbass' so she's shown it's possible. I really appreciate The Re-Up though, it's going back to the Nicki I like.

Album number three is going to be tough for her. People will be expecting a lot.
She needs to cut the full on pop shit out. It's what completely alienated her casual fan base and made her stan base grasp at straws. The Re-Up seems to put her back on track but she needs to go back to what she had on Pink Friday, hardcore rap tracks, with a mix of rap songs with pop influences. Album #3 is going to be a major make or break for her.


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Do you think she's passed 1000 copies sold in the UK this week? Is she scanning wood yet? I want her to REACH for that rust certification with some promo.
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