Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

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Automatic. Oh lord, the life it is giving me is too much to put into words.

Even the fact she mentions Ireland in her little breakdown.
Wow almost had a seizure thanks Best Fiction!
Cant believe I missed this leak, literally leaked seconds after I left by the looks of it!So cannot wait to hear it!From reading all your posts (and literally every one saying "all the dance tracks are better than Starships") I am really excited, especially for the dance tracks cause I LOVE Starships.How does everyone on this site find links to leaks so fast too?Its crazy. Also I presume the deluxe hasn't leaked?
Pound The f**kin Alarm. Yes.

One thing though, I really wish they'd used Rihanna for the second verse. Would've been perfect.


I NEED AUTOMATIC IN A CLUB, NOW. I mean it, oh my God! I will severly lose my shit!!
The second half of the album (aka the dance/pop songs) is really good. The first half doesn't do anything for me at all, aside from 1 or 2 songs.
The first 3 tracks are so good I had to stop. It is just too intensely amazing. I need to go out and get some air or something. I could listen to "Roman Holiday" alone for about a week straight.
This is my driving music sorted for the next few weeks I presume! It's the perfect album for the weather we've been having up north as of late.
Mushroom3 said:
I wish Whip It was some random David Guetta feature or something. I appreciate dance Nicki when she hasn't completely sold her soul and image for it.

I kind of agree. It feels weird having straight up dance tracks without any raps - they could be done by anyone.
I'm actually really surprised by the quality of the album. As I've said numerous times now, she should have gone for the double disc instead, especially as the album is basically divided that way as it is. But the songs stand on their own merits, for me at least. On the rap side, I feel like Come on a Cone and HOV Lane stand toe to toe with anything else she's done (*Insert standard "except for Monster" clause here*. The dance tracks in the middle are as generic as I expected, but that doesn't stop them being incredibly fun enjoyable.

I've always liked Marilyn Monroe, but I thought it seemed a bit pointless adding it to the album. However, I've been oddly obsessed with it for the last couple of days, so I'll take a fully HQ version of it. I actually really like the smattering of mid-tempo Nicki we've gotten. Like, Right By My Side and Sex In The Living Room are probably the only tracks I'd cut, but Marilyn/Young Forever/Fire Burns is a really good run of songs. Granted, Nicki wouldn't be my first port of call for that kind of thing, but I do think she's pulled it off quite nicely, especially in Fire Burns.

I do wish she was on Gun Shot more though. It actually has a lot of promise, but Beanie Man (even if I was to put aside personal feelings for him) is fairly dire on the track. I tried doing a Nicki only version, and it sounds alright, but there's not an awful lot to work with really. That's a shame.

Obviously, one of us needs to sit down with Nicki and explain what her thought process should be when picking singles, but I really think the album delivers as a whole.

Yes, it's all over the place genre-wise, and it's nowhere near as hard as the Roman concept she was promising. But hell, at the end of the day, she's given me probably 13 songs here that I could easily love. I'm not really going to ask for more than that.
This doesn't even feel like an album. It's like someone just put nineteen of her tracks recorded over several albums and years in a blender and stuck them on a CD in whatever order they were spat out in. Cohesion with albums is far from being absolutely necessary, but this is just a fucking mess. You're looking at cutting about half of the tracks from it just to get something that remotely seems like an album and not an artist's sprawling discography on shuffle.
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